What is a psychic?

The term “psychic” is often used as a catchall phrase for anyone who works in the paranormal. We know what our five senses are – sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. But we have another sense that is equally as real – often referred to as our sixth sense – psychic ability, or our intuition, is the gut feeling or hunch you have that you cannot logically explain. Everyone is psychic to some degree or another – we have all had feelings of thinking of someone and they phone/or turn up – it can be thought of as our instincts, our intuition, gut feeling ……. This is in fact our psychic ability

How it works …. everything that exists vibrates at a certain frequency – as Albert Einstien said – “Everything is energy…..this is not philosophy this is physics”

It is thought that spirit operates on a higher energy frequency and a developed psychic has the ability to raise their vibration on this plane to connect to spirit on a higher plane, be this loved ones who have passed over or spirit guides.

Although, Psychic working is something familiar to all mankind, which at one time was highly developed within us, keeping us safe, when danger lurked,  when there is a link with the Spirit mind of someone who has left the earth plane, there are some important differences that can be felt by the clairvoyant or medium, such as a change in temperature, prickling of skin almost like electrical contact, touches or blowing on the skin (you can see this on some Mediums / Clairvoyants in the form of goose bumps in small areas of the body – often arms) they may also receive smells or pain which is not there on this plane. The psychic Clairvoyant is able to tune a frequency which highlights areas of the sitters life that are affecting them in the present.  The clairvoyant is attempting to resonate as it were with the sitters own unique vibration, from this point  the clairvoyant is gaining insights into the past, effects in the present and answers for the future. This information is given with the help of the clairvoyants guides.

A psychic Medium is able to tune into frequency between the sitter and of loved ones who have passed and then communicate with them to pass on messages. Often the loved one will show the Medium pictures, which they then describe to the sitter or the Medium hears words – some have the ability to hear whole sentences. The can even feel emotions and pains of the loved ones – all of which helps to prove to the sitter that the loved one is truly there still in their life’s and watching over them. This information is given to the Medium direct from the loved ones, but sometimes a guide will also help.

A lot of Mediums are also Clarivoyants but not all Clairvoyants are Mediums.