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Energyflows Illumination Circle takes you further into developing your intuitive senses.  It is your birthright to be connected to divine source energy.  Here we will help you expand your understanding of energy through many exercises and real world applications intended to increase your own potential.  We lead with an active  hands on approach of energy work, including healings as guided by spirit.  This will all be cultivated to make it as natural as breathing. We walk alongside you in all classes taught by Energyflows. Our Mission is to help provide that connection for each individual and help you learn how you are supposed to. What feels “natural” that has always been a part of you.

Hosted by MJ & John

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Finding the Truth Within - your own journey

Start your path to awakening

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Finding the truth within
When we encounter any new experience, as a child we look towards our elders and our peers to make sense of it. We take their learnt experience and trust it’s right, as we grow older we start to question what we had thought we had learnt…our own judgement and extended learning, our logic and as a gifted person our gut starts to question what once we thought we knew. But sometimes we simply blindly accept all we are told as the truth and things get blurred along the way. Being told something is right and knowing something is right is two different things. You can be told as many times has you like. But you and only you must find the truth within.This is very important for those accepting a spiritual path. For a spiritual path is not one run by a set of is a natural giving way of life. Those whom truly work with spirit and can pass between the realms will understand we are souls experiencing an earthy existence. It’s natural. It’s beautiful and it’s just part of you as much as breathing is. You were born with this. But it has been shaped by your family, by your peers, by the media, by communities, by your teachers and by our history. Where they all right? Of course not.Your thinking has been shaped by the knowledge you gained as you grew up. It does not mean it was true. You and only you have within you the truth.Please be wary of what you think you know re spirit and spirituality.Spirits are just souls like you and me but they have no earth bound body. Be wary of the books you have read, the films you have watched, the history you learnt, it is not all true. But looking back you can see the faults and learn from within. If something does not feel right to you then it’s not right.If history was correct we would not have grown enough to stop burning the likes of us at the stake lol.Many souls returning now come with more knowledge and more truth, but still those whom are scare mongers, naive and blinded are there. Yes more and more lighter light workers are here and we bring our children up without fear of spirit. Teaching this is natural, but still the media portrays it wrong – they portray it as entertainment. It’s not entertainment, and certainly not scary entertainment. Spirit work should never ever be scary.The gift of mediumship is simply an inbuilt telephone and if you do not like the person on the other end whom is calling, you simply put the phone down.Be wary that when we encounter a community, our first perceptions tend to be coloured by first contact, and by the loudest, most attention-grabbing details, the big story lines – the scary stories.That’s inevitable, especially if it doesn’t occur to you to think these things may not be representative of the truth.Most true spiritual people are quiet people doing quiet work, and there are an abundance of people who will say something quiet, interesting and non-confrontational, but that gets drowned out easily when others are determined to shout and scare people. The peaceable get lost amongst the dramatists. It takes one or two voices to create a totally skewed perception. That can be damaging in a great many ways. It has over the years caused countless damage in the spiritual community. Firstly, anyone looking in from outside will see the noise far more easily than they will spot the gentle majority. Secondly, those on the inside may lose sight of being part of a quiet, sane and reasonable community if just a few people kick off. Yes, there are some dodgy spiritualists out there and this makes this community even harder. But human beings of dishonorable and unpleasant intent turn up everywhere.So by all means, read, watch, but remember to question, but by not only thinking – feel it too, and if it feels wrong, you know the answer.Tee xx
& the Energyflows Team

Exercises to start your new journey

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