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What is Shamanism

I am an energy medicine practitioner who utilizes some shamanic practice into my healings and personal growth. First and foremost, Shamanic practice is not a religion. In fact, I am an Atheist- I have no belief in a God or Deity. Shamanic practice is a spiritual practice. Shamanism is also not tied to any specific […]

When your elevation causes people to suddenly push away from your space without cause.

Everything has a phasing of being alike or compatible and on the other end of the spectrum not aligned and incompatible. It is a process that will affect us all in varying points in our lives. Who are your best friends, your support system and how do they fit in your life when you decided […]

Social Distance got me today…

Mercury Retrograde, a full moon, Friday the 13th, we lost an hour of sleep AND most of the country began to social distance last week. I’m exhausted. Around Wednesday March 11, at prescicely 12pm, I had essentially given up for the week. Each day had already been exhausting. We joked it was finally the end […]