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What is Spiritualism?What is Spiritualism?

If you look up the word on any dictionary you will find that there is no fixed meaning of the word – this is important because its true there is no fixed meaning of a word which evokes not only a physical way of living but also so much emotion. You are not spiritual by gain nor by gift – it is not a religion – it has no rules…………. Everyone to some extent on this earth is spiritual (You are a spirit soul having a physical experience) – its the humanity effect which confuses the lines. READ MORE

Spiritual AwakeningSpiritual Awakening

Your guide(s) have been with you since you were born – and they are learning too… They operate on a higher vibration and are learning to lower it in order to connect to you – you are learning to heighten your vibration in order to connect with them… this takes time… Everyone is born with a certain about of 6th sense – be it just a gut feel – (I am sure you have walked into a room and felt an atmosphere at some point) however not everyone is not born with a gift of mediumship… but that does not mean you cannot grow your psychic 6th sense.  Most natural mediums will have had experiences as a child. (But then there are a few I have met which did not until very late in life). READ MORE

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