If Someone Is Judging You

If someone is judging you do the opposite give love.
Love yourself and find forgiveness that there is something greater at play.
It can be hard to wrestle the immediate emotions.
That is why you wait in stillness. Observe with different senses that take the emotional course of action into dissipation for when the heated or fear emotions of fight or flight occur tolerance and truth appear.
This is the only way to handle a one sided smear campaign. Know who you are and rise above the vibration level of where they are and where you do not want to be.
Do things for other people that help them, without cost or strings attached.
To help another person That is an altruistic way to a clear heart.
We as people do things to make us feel better always, all the time. It is in the outward flow that we fill our hearts with strength, love and compassion because we pull that energy into us to help.
Misconceptions or misunderstanding lead to the inability to see things clearly because emotions cloud the value in each and every encounter we have.
We all serve a purpose to help others see things differently or to help them grow.
Bullying and slandering are just tools to help a person temporarily feel like they are in power and control. It is often those individuals who need the most understanding and forgiveness.
The truth is a great place to stand in because it is built on honesty and integrity. It is impervious to outside mechanisms. Throw paint on a granite column the core is still untouched, perfect and the paint will eventually fade away.
When you know better you do better.
This video came across my newsfeed which i think it can help others