What happens when we are energetically out of alignment?

Throughout this year I have been working with a shamanic practitioner in my local area. I have leaned some pretty cool things about myself for instance, my shadow self is a fun bad ass biker chick with carefree attitude. Reminds me of myself in my late teens and early 20’s. Actually that is why my husband wanted to date me, I wore a biker jacket. It hangs in my closet but will be returning to my Winter wardrobe this year. I learned that the things that we hold onto, the things we don’t like about ourselves, the things that we hold close because they bring us sadness, shame or guilt, even if we ignore them, can to some pretty significant damage to our energetic field. We are all energy after all, and the energy we hold is not always pretty.

So not pretty that even at times when we think we are doing great spiritually and practicing gratitude and universal law of attraction, we can still feel pretty crappy about ourselves. Do you know what happens then? All those other wonderful things we are receiving from the universe does not make us happy. As my shamanic guide said in our last (hopefully not final) class, everyone wants to play in the higher chakras, connect with spirit because it brings us joy to help someone else, work on throat chakra blocks and heart blocks (Oh because those are fun and it brings us joy to feel love and speak our truth) but the lower chakras can be pretty harsh. The root chakra being about family and security, the sacral being about sexuality and self acceptance and the solar plexus revolving around a lot of self esteem issues. Yeah, sound like a blast right? (I so know you can hear my sarcasm there) People starting out on a spiritual path just don’t want to go there, they figure if there spirit stuff is good and their heart stuff is good it will over ride all the other personal issues they have. Guess what? It just does not work that way.

The energy we hold and refuse to let go of creates blocks in our energetic field. Anger, loss of personal power, feeling unstable in our homes, not being where we are drawn, abuse of any kind, abandonment, having to grow up faster than we should have, (follow the following link for more on the specific chakras and the emotional and physical symptoms of imbalance and blocks https://energyflows.org/chakras-energy-centers-their-physical-and-emotional-symptoms-and-affirmations/ ) all can cause trauma in work, relationships and yes, causes illness. There is also multiple books and google searches available on the specific chakra healing you need assistance with.

We create illness in our own bodies by being energetically out of alignment. As I said in a post recently, everyone wants to work on the higher chakras where it is love and light, but few want to work on the lower stuff because it is dam hard to look at the dark aspects of ourselves, but that is normally where we need the help to battle illness, assist others in their healing and heal ourselves completely to be in alignment with our true nature and find out soul purpose. With chronic illnesses this type of healing can assist in your personal healing. You may notice when battling a chronic pain for example when you are doing certain things in spirit, you feel no pain. Why? Because at that moment you are in a healing mode, whether it be astral traveling during a mediation or giving or receiving a reading.

You are first! If you want to be a healer, reiki practitioner, medium… you have to be able to heal yourself, trust in yourself and understand what it means to go into those darker aspects of your life to process and let go of those feelings we hold that cause the blocks because that is where the world needs the healing. The ability to forgive yourself is soooo hard. It is important to TRULY understand we are not the experiences and events that have happened to us, they are just the conduit in which we were given a lesson. The phrase “I love you, I’m Sorry, Please forgive me” are incredibly powerful for your soul and is a really good place to start to say to yourself every day in the mirror and DO NOT avoid looking at yourself in the eyes. The eyes after all are the mirror to our soul. FORGIVE yourself, understand you do not have control over other people’s actions. You are only responsible for yourself.

buddah chakra

We are all healers, it is in our DNA. If we heal ourselves we can freely heal others with what we have learned.