Healing experiences of a novice: Why energy is important.

lightbulb energy copy

Throughout my time in my spiritual circles and here at energy flows healing has always been the mystery to me. How are these people sending healing? How am I actually feeling better? Is this in my head? Mind over matter? I never understood it. So I asked for help. Teachers here would work with me, I would always feel the energy but I never felt like I was actually understanding it or helping. So I began my Reiki training with a local teacher and it started to make sense after my Level I Reiki attunment. I researched and read so much and I still did not fully comprehend what I held in my hands. I asked for help from my Spirit Guides and often at night I could feel energy being moved throughout my body. I would jump it back and forth from my legs, run it through my family and at work suddenly the sick would come to me so I would touch them and they would claim to feel better. There was a homework assignment posted on Energy Flows by Tracey and in this assignment we were connecting with one of her guides and drawing what he showed us. When I looked at what I had drawn I was honestly dumbstruck. I had drawn what looked like Thomas Edison. A lightbulb instantly clicked and I knew the premise of the assignment was to meet a guide.

I attended my Reiki II attunment and began to feel a difference in my healing sessions. I could feel the healing running through me and out to those who needed it. I continued to read articles and books and learn about the different types of healing arts. Reiki, IET (Healing with Angelic Guidance) Sound Healing, Crystal Healing and Tapping. What is the difference between them? Nothing. They all are a way to concentrate energy for healing. We are energy, and we are all healers. Think about it, when your child is hurt what is the first thing you do ? You normally put your hands on the area and give it love right? This is healing. This is ultimately what Buddha and Jesus did before the art of Reiki (just a name given to something that was lost for thousands of years and rediscovered, way to long a story for here but if you are interested please read the following link http://www.reiki.nu/history/usui/usui.html )

I developed the “Hot Hands” shortly after my first attunment but this was an increase in what I already had, sweaty hands. I have healed myself of headaches, stomach aches and energy blocks. In the last few months I have found that while giving Reiki to Crystal Bracelets I make, I can feel the pain and physical symptoms and feelings of the person who will receive the bracelet. This is helpful because then I can concentrate on the specific healing they need.

Am I special? NO. This is a universal healing method that many thousands of years ago everyone was trained in. This is a gift from the universe. It is not meant to be shrouded in secrecy or cost 10,000 dollars, yes, many years ago Reiki III attunment cost $10,000 which is why the art had been lost for so long. YOU ARE ALL CAPABLE! It is ingrained in your DNA.

The funnest part? Making giant energy balls that you can give to anyone you wish to heal (with permission of course) including yourself. As you give healing you get healing. Energy healing is completely safe, does absolutely no harm as the basis of it is love and love heals.

In your time here I ask simply that you hold strong the idea that healing is an important part in your spiritual journey. Energy is worth exploring because after all… We are energy as are the spirits we wish to connect to.