Let it go: Processing hurt feelings

orbbs sun
Throat Chakra Affirmations: I am open, clear, and honest in my communication. I have a right to speak my truth. I communicate my feelings with ease. I express myself creatively through speech, writing, or art. I have a strong will that lets me resolve my challenges. I nourish my spirit through creativity. I live an authentic life. I have integrity. I love to share my experiences and wisdom. I know when it is time to listen. I express my gratitude towards life. I listen to my body and my feelings to know what my truth is. I take good care of my physical body. I am at peace.

Morning meditation notes Sunday March 8 2015:
I have always hated being told to let it go. That phrase has always made me feel belittled. I’m not one to hold onto anger, sadness or grief. My process of “letting go” includes venting. Getting it all out and then feeling the release and “letting go”.
Even in interactions with friends and family as soon as you say let it go you can actually see the energy shift from the situation upsetting the person onto yourself. Just by saying the words let it go belittles a person’s feelings. They have a right to be upset sometimes. They have a right to vent. We may all be divine beings but we are living a human experience and being human comes with intense emotions. It’s ok to get angry about something someone said to you, it’s ok to have your feelings hurt, it’s ok to be angry for someone hurting someone you love.

I think it may be a culture/regional thing with the phrase “let it go”. The vibration of it isn’t loving to me. It’s harsh and seems like the other person doesn’t want to hear it, it’s time to move on… it has been said to me, I’ve said it to my husband, he has experienced the same feeling of belittling when the phrase is used as well. This was a lesson for me to be a better listener and at least offer someone the chance to express themselves without judgement by me.
For instance. .. you may have had an issue with someone. You are so upset that you isolate yourself for 2 days from the people who had hurt you. Friends say “it’s not true, let it go” but you are not able to let it go until you voice your concerns with the person involved. After talking with another friend and being allowed to vent and voice your issues you now have the the ability to confront the person. You basically just needed to test out what you were going to say to build your confidence. Now you feel better and can “let it go”.
In situations involving myself at times I have needed to release feelings by just saying them in order to set it free and not deal with it. I don’t personally hold anything in. But at times it is necessary to vent, it is my letting go. So when I’m telling a story and someone says let it go, to me it’s like them saying stop, your being ridiculous when in fact I am letting go and setting free the emotions that are bugging me. I’m not encouraging holding on to negative feelings, I’m encouraging talking them out to understand why they happen so you can set it free and free yourself. Always think about what you want to say. Say it with as much love as you can,but remember we cannot control how someone takes our words no matter how much thought and love we put into them but we must still say them. I had a terrible situation with a friend that completely blocked my throat chakra. It was so bad I was having nightmares, very freaky nightmares where I was looking in the mirror but my eyes were looking in another direction. I was not being honest with myself or her. I spoke my truth with love but explained my differences with her. They were not well received but that is not mine to bear. 
Like I said… it must be a culture/ region thing because I encounter it frequently where those words bring about negative feelings. ♡
When we learn to take the appropriate steps in these situations we can handle our emotions in a safer way.
So next time someone is upset or angry about something ask them if they want to talk about it. Encourage venting because this is a way of “letting go”. Sometimes people just need someone to listen and then they feel better and can set those negative feelings back to where they came from transformed into love and understanding.
Talking about what has happened in our daily lives is much healthier then holding back and then we can feel better quicker. Speak your truth. If someone tells you to “let it go” instead seek a friend to talk with who will allow you to speak.

Here is a video on the technique of Recapitulation. This is another way of letting go and processing traumatic events and energy exchanges we experience. Please watch the video for more information. <3