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Greetings All and thank you for stopping by my info page. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and give a little background on who I am and what types of gifts I have been fortunate to have been given. It all started when I was on the opposite side of this spiritual journey when I myself suffered the loss of a loved one. I was searching for the answer to why things happen, could I have done something to change the situation and is my loved one alright. All of these questions led me to my own journey and for a long time I never put the pieces together. Sure I was receiving signs that we all do- a thought, a song, the cold spots and even dream visitations. It wasn't until I had a psychic medium come to my house that in a group setting all things just came together. She had brought through my grandfather whom I had never met in this lifetime and he told her that I see the dark ones. During those prior few years with self help books and tapes for psychic development, I was seeing people in my minds eyes- mangled, burnt and disfigured. It scared me and I never spoke about that to anyone but here she was validating something that I held closely inside. During her reading alot more of private things came out that brought me back into questioning all of the circumstances I have experienced as a kid, through adulthood and currently. I was a skeptic and was like no way could she have picked up on these say mindblowing and life altering does not even do it justice. She talked about the natural healing ability I had and that I too have the same abilities that she does. She said that she was starting intuitive development classes by invite only and offered me a spot instantly. For two months after this reading I went back and forth trying to get the guts up to actively join her class....So behind every good man is a better woman so my lovely wife had enough and signed me up. There was no turning back for me for my teacher had appeared and I studied under her for a year and a half for mediumship . During this time my natural gifts unfolded, the healing abilities exploded and a new John was born.Through the years of being taught the safe ways to bring in spirit, I was also being taught by spirit and realized that I was a "direct connect" to source and so different from many of my classmates. I was given the natural abilities for psychic clairvoyance and bi-location which is great tool for remote viewing, protection,healing and energy work. Spirit has given me the tasks of 'Gatekeeper", "Master/Teacher" and inducted into "The Brotherhood of Light" and recently the Council of Elders. In working with these high vibration energies, I am at times able to also connect you to your loved ones in spirit by raising your physical energy to match theirs for a real time experience. A heightened awareness in a waking meditative state. If you have ever experienced a visitation from a loved one while sleeping, I have been successful in making that contact for people while they were awake. It truly helps in the grieving process to understand and experience their loved one in their new plane of existence. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” ― Albert Einstein. I see all things as energy and how it relates to itself and eachother. In the past few years, many people have "found" me which is odd because I never publicly came out on the healer market, but alas we know when spirit is at work they will bring people to you and put you in service. Along with the gift of clairvoyance and clairaudience, Healing is my main strength followed with mediumship,soul crossing and attunements. I am able to project myself as spirit to help evolve current mediums and clairvoyants to the world that sits just beyond their third eyes and further their education. The days of sitting back only to meet in the middle with spirit are long gone and I hope to change that in my approach to healing and elevation and reconnectedness as a lightworker for another lightworker. I am currently the founder and one of the teachers of The Long Island Psychic Medium Circle group on Facebook. and . A community in where we help others claim their intuitive gift. Thanks for stopping in for a few and if you have any questions please feel free to send in a question or comments. John Additional Information: I offer various energetic solutions to help ease you discomfort, reduce your stress and promote your energetic well being. Sessions may be in person or absent. My special gift is to provide hands off healing where I can connect to you anywhere at anytime. After initial contact, a connection is made, and your energetic signal is locked into my channeling ability which to me acts as a "cell phone" address in which I am able to single you out in the world. I am but a conduit and must give thanks to the higher power that provide the healing energies and guidance. Contact may be made via private video room or even Facebook. if that is not available, a photo can be sent via email ( but not necessary) and a time can be reserved to initiate a session. Through the Brotherhood of Light and my guides , we are the co-creator of an energy modality named Unified Natural Alignment of Energy Consciousness. A powerful but simple method of healing through a direct connect to source energy. I find the spaces between the spaces of the physical body and of the etheric self. Psychic attunements, past life integration and awakening as well as real time spirit interaction for your development of the spiritual world understanding. I am a Usui Reiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher and use that knowledge and what is also provided intuitively for a healing experience.