We all are as much physical as we are non-physical. No, scratch that…we are, in fact, more non-physical than we are physical. Sometimes we forget that. Sometimes, in this very physical environment that we live, all that we taste, touch, see, hear, smell can make us forget that. Sometimes we see so much, feel so much, hear, taste, smell so many things that we forget HOW to be so much more. We forget that there IS so much more.

We are, in our physical beautifulness, addicted to our sensations. When they disappear, such as the passing of loved ones, our bodies go into withdrawal. It can be difficult to move past the energetically physical feel of us to the energetically non-physical feel – we’ll call it spirit – because they are vastly different sensations. Even a lot of our spirit interaction is marked by a physical sensation, isn’t it? Chills, goosebumps, hair standing on end, trembling, anxiety, headaches or other body pain, sounds and words, visions, the list goes on. That is because we translate the vibrations of our reality through our senses, and the way we translate them is personal to us; but we are all capable of doing so. We are not always capable of expression, but we are all capable of translation…physical and spirit. 

…And therein lies the hook… The reason we are here. To experience this physical word…physically. To experience the love and the hate. The joy and the pain. The excitement and fear. It’s what we all share. It’s how we all relate, here, in this physical world. Our common ground wherever, whoever, however we are. 

You are not alone. We each have universes of energy surrounding and guiding us. Universes. Surrounding us. My universe is interacting with and guiding your universe. Some of it physical, as in these written words, and some of it non-physical, as in the loving vibration I send out with each of these words. Your sorrow is mine as mine is yours…my joy is your joy…our heartbreak and love are One…all of us a part of the same flow…our collective combined energy carrying us along.

Travel with me now, in your mind – the destination is not important, only that you go. Relax as much as you can, wherever you are, whatever you are doing in this moment. Feel the top of your head with your mind and let the muscles loosen. 

Now your neck…


Your back…

Close your eyes if you’d like. Take deep, deliberate breaths. 

Focus on your lower back…

Your thighs…

Now the center of your feet…

…and breathe…

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just notice. Wherever you feel the most relaxed, focus there. Enjoy the sensation. Amplify it with your attention to it. If you can, spread it throughout. Don’t worry if you can’t, baby steps. Enjoy the sensation where you can.

Now, imagine a beautifully colored, soft fabric lying across your feet. Feel the texture, see the color, enjoy the comfort of it as it covers your feet, spilling over onto the floor. Imagine this beautifully comforting fabric seeping into the floor, gently becoming part of the floor as the floor becomes part of the fabric. Stretch your toes out to touch the floor, and watch as the color ripples like water as you plant your feet firmly on the ground. See as your fabric extends through wherever you are into the ground, like roots on a tree, gently, steadily; through soil, 

and rock, 

through molten earth, 

to the very core.  

See and feel as your fabric  touches the center, then joins into it. Imagine a natural and familiar pulse traveling up along your fabric, through the earth, to your feet, up through your legs, up your spine, to your neck, your head, along your skin, and resting comfortably into your heart. Watch as your heart-glow brightens with every breath. Feel the vibration of your fabric, connected on both ends. Extend your light back down through your body, out of your feet, along the fabric, into the core once more. As you connect again, imagine the fabric is now that light, melting into everything it touches.  

…and breathe…

Look around. If you are alone right now, listen for sound around you. See every person, plant, bird, dog, squirrel, car driving by – life around you – and how it all connects to the earths’ core. Some shine brighter, some we feel easier, but the connection is there.

Feel the air around you on your skin…is it light or maybe a bit stuffy?  Is there something else?  How does your skin feel? How do your fingers and toes feel? How about the top of your head? How are you breathing right now? What do you see? What do you notice?

If you are so inclined to share any part of your journey with us, please do in the comments. Questions are always welcome. 

Thank you for traveling with me. 


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