When your elevation causes people to suddenly push away from your space without cause.

Everything has a phasing of being alike or compatible and on the other end of the spectrum not aligned and incompatible. It is a process that will affect us all in varying points in our lives. Who are your best friends, your support system and how do they fit in your life when you decided to ascend your own shift.

When we embark on a journey to further the mind, the sudden incompatibility has nothing to do with blame or what did I do wrong to cause this relationship
to end. It is a matter of aligned energy in that moment. In seeing a lot of posts about people feeling disconnected and isolated, The question to ask is what is this feelings purpose. Is it to serve as a wake up call for this situation at hand or is it when that situation loses it hold or value within you that you are unsure of how to categorize that energy.

In looking at energy as energy and other defining properties removed such as emotions or brain placement of value. This is a spiritual method to reactivate your guidance system. There are no negative or positive experiences. Just aligned experiences in that moment.

How often do you recall a horrible time like a relationship ending only to find out that later it was the best thing for you or a job loss?  We are alone in solitude by our own design to recalibrate, reprocess and gain a new clarity from clouded infiltrated information in our stream of consciousness. Re-phasing is not a bad thing if you understand the cause.

In order to find a valid point you have to ask yourself what does this process mean to you. In order to see it at face value remove the fears of isolation and rejection and look at it as an energetic compatibility. What fits the new you and yes even though people
are awakening they are also at a different rate of evolvement. ( which also might not fit) the one good thing about social media and the Internet is the availability to make connections – to experience others in the same path and the ability to tune into that path if we choose to.

You can have 1000 friends but at times depending on what you are experiencing at that moment have only a few who can relate. They become a surrogate support system to help hold you steady when you can’t hold yourself. Take any situation you can have a childhood friend that was always there for you, lose contact for a few years but will be there in a heartbeat when needed. Isolation does not mean alone. It is an opportunity for self reflection and growth.