A Feeling of Separation: Reconnecting with Spirituality

Life. Sometimes it may not feel like it, but Life is truly a blessing. Opening our eyes every day, interacting with those we love, seeing the sun or the moon cross the sky… if we take a moment to ponder these experiences we realize what a genuine miracle they are.

Take a breath (if you dare). Fill your lungs completely – and hold. Is the air cool and crisp? Is it scented? Refreshing? Let it out slowly. Does it trigger a memory? Cause a physical response such as relaxing of your shoulders? Do you feel any sensations in your body such as tension releasing from muscles, clarity of mind, or maybe a stitch in your side? How do you feel?

Does it feel foreign where it once was familiar?

If it does, you are not alone. If you are like me, you may have forgotten that simple, small fact. Life can be isolating, especially in the midst of living through an unexpected change. We’ll call those instances “course correction.” You are traveling in one direction and – snap – new direction. No warning. No time to adjust. Those are the times when we either lean into our spirituality, or forget almost everything we learned.

Lately, it felt like I’d forgotten everything I’d learned and for some time, I had no idea how to get back to those foundations. My foundations. I mean, I taught some of this stuff for crying out loud! How could I have gotten so far away from it all? But there I was, struggling, questioning, being all…human. When we know The Things we’re above all that, right? How can I have fallen so low?


Is it so low? Or is it “course correction?”

Is it a refresher course? An upgrade? A moving up ceremony of some kind that takes us to the next level in our education? The more I think about it, the more I am convinced this is the case. I always say I am a forever student. Why wouldn’t the universe give me exactly what I’ve asked for; that is its purpose after all.

So, let us start with what has been learned. First and foremost, being human isn’t a bad thing. It allows us in this physical form to be learning beings. Doing beings. Feeling beings. Humans, being. And being human is an amazing thing. I’ve come to understand that, as a non physical being, the goal is to have human experiences by being in human situations. All the experiences and situations, planned and unplanned.

That being said (pun intended), I know I certainly do not react to unexpected situations the way I used to. I don’t react to expected situations the way I used to either. Understanding my energy, check.

I no longer blame others for things, for anything, that happens in my life. I know I can only control how I react. And just because I can do a thing energetically, doesn’t mean I should. Taking responsibility for my energy, check.

This one is important: my energy flows in the direction my focus goes.

Working WITH my energy, check.

So, where does that leave me? Surprisingly, in a pretty good space feeling centered, grounded, and pretty darn calm. I am reminded of the early days of discovering what I am capable of and what it can mean. I remember how it all felt new and strange, mixed with curiosity. When, finally, it really sank in that we are limitless, that this world means only what we define it as, and that we – each of us individually – are the only ones who can dictate that meaning in our lives.

The tie that connects us all is visible to me once again, however faintly, but certainly present. Our energy fields tangling and mixing; thoughts stringing along like energetic clothes lines from one person/place/thing to another; sounds bouncing and reverberating together, the frequencies meeting each of us where we are – some annoying while others uplift or soothe… Our energy colors, as individual as our fingerprints, glowing and fading in rhythm to our vibrations.

Where does it leave you?

Take a breath with me, long and slow. Fill your lungs completely. Now hold it. Do you have goosebumps? Tingles? Warmth spreading? Hold as long as you feel you should, then let it out slowly. How do you feel?

Are you ever-expanding or are you contained? Are you here, now? Or are you in yesterday? Maybe you are in Tomorrow Land… Do you feel your fingers? Toes? How are your shoulders – are they up by your ears? Do you remember what your heartbeat feels like in your chest?

What is the color of your inner light?

Feel your energy flow over your crown like cascading ooze covering every surface of your being with its light. Feel it seep into you, like a warm shower, filling you from the inside out. Glowing, flowing down your head… neck… shoulders… down over your torso and arms… abdomen… hips and backside… down your legs… over your feet… and finally, into the earth…

Take a breath. Where does it leave you?


Until next time, Yoli