Homework Lesson lists

Here is the beginning of your journey. Over the past few years we have worked with online support groups in which you will read below in our history.  Personal success is the only reason to start these lessons which will  help expand your awareness of personal energy and spiritual energy. You will have the support of others in the Facebook group who also walk along side you on the same path. We are a community of truth seekers and offer many levels of expertise. Nothing is ever off topic  and if you need clarity as in the group. Let your journey begin.

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Our History

Finding the Truth Within

For curiosity:

Mask: What do you see?

look at the mask and respond which way you see it. There is no right or wrong answer here. Just your view.

 just for fun 

Find the Lucky Penny

Find where the nickle,dime and quarter are.  Pick under which card has each coin

Find the Blue tape

Now the time has come to start your journey.

Homework Lesson 1

This homework is your first step to strengthening your link to the spirit world – each one of us is on a different journey – we are at different stages even as we begin – therefore this is no competition – and no ego will work here lol. You will not all experience the same thing and that is because you do not need to. But an overall lesson is within each piece of homework and these are set by Wicks (my guide) and if you have met him before you will know there is often a lesson within a lesson

Homework Lesson 2

Now the power of thought is energy – a very powerful one…. so before you learn to switch this human brain off and link to spirit- you really need to understand that you and only you and you alone control your thoughts. Once you understand this you can learn to switch them off.

Homework Lesson 3

Over the past few days you will have learnt a bit more about how you brain works and felt it ticking over. The time has come now to learn to switch it off. This is where the hard work comes and this will take some time – everyone is on a different journey – this is no competition and where you go from here will be your journey which you have already signed up to….

Homework Lesson 4

Over the past week if you have had a go at the previous homework you should have learnt a bit about your brain and how it ticks on this earth plane and you should have started to naturally calm down and look around you with the awareness walks and meditations. Now is the start of the journey to switch that earth brain off and open your consciousness to the worlds beyond this one.

Continued Lessons of connections: Do not forget your journals and post along in the group

Homework Lesson 5

Homework Lesson 6

Homework Lesson 7

Homework Lesson 8

Homework Lesson 9

Homework Lesson 10

Homework Lesson 11

Homework Lesson 12

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