You and Me and All-Around Us

Howdy, folks! Today I want to share a bit of how I see the world. Well, more like how I see all things in the world.

Since becoming more public with my abilities I have been asked about this whole mediumship thing…

Mediumship – the practice of… mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. Practitioners are known as “mediums.” – Wikipedia

…and to be upfront, based on a lot of the information I’ve come across – and there is certainly a lot of info out there – I don’t know too much about it. What I do know is that I have some great mentors who have so generously answered as many of my questions as they can and have helped me decipher my own experiences, some of which I will share here with you.

Growing up I had no idea that what I was experiencing had anything to do with spirit. I saw, felt, heard things others did not. I knew things I had no way of knowing. I did and still do things not knowing why and then someone is thanking me for doing this amazing thing for them. This was just how it had always been. Especially in a household where it was not all that unusual for someone to just know things.

It also was not unusual to for me to see at any given time the energetic state of things in the world around me.

What that means is I have the ability to see the world all-around me in various shades of light and color. I believe this may be what some call auras, especially when referring to people. I call it our energy field. The way I see them is like a mist of coloring surrounding a person, place, or thing. I do not always see it, but when I do, it is usually a mist with a hint of color.

I will not get too detailed about auras since there is already a great article, What Is An Aura? by Tee on, that explains them better. Please give it a read if you would like to learn more!

Let’s continue.

This mist of color is also how I describe shared energy and the way I pick up info on people or places or things and/or whatnot. It is part of what I connect to when helping in healing, comforting, calming, and any number of situations. There are so many aspects and views on energy and energy transference I will try not to get sidetracked, but I make no promises.

So, how do I “read” people or places?

The energy. Energy is like a fingerprint, unique to the individual. No two are alike. It carries in it all the colors that make up all of our experiences. The blended colors tell of the energetic state at that moment. It facilitates a connection to any given experience.

Picture a colorful cloud surrounding every person and every thing. For the sake of this example the colors can be whatever is easiest for you to picture. I will normally see a faint coloring – a mist of color as previously stated – but it depends on what I am looking at. Sometimes places and people experiencing an intense emotion can have a very strong cloud of color or light. Each cloud I see generally differs slightly in color.

As you move about your day picture your colored cloud coming in contact with everything around you, mixing and mingling, leaving a bit of your cloud while picking up a bit of other clouds. Some cloud contacts are up close and personal while others are a simple greeting exchanged across a room. As you can imagine, your cloud can get heavy and grayed by all the different encounters. As it builds up at the outer edges and seeps inward, this affects you energetically through your emotional health, mental health, physical health, and spiritual health.

Have you ever been in a bad mood and have no idea why? Anxious without a reason to be? Felt out of sorts and not sure where it is coming from? Extremely exhausted and cannot explain why? All of these things can be related to having excess ‘debris’ from other people, places, and things in our energy clouds. More on this and what to do about it in a bit.

Now don’t worry, it isn’t all doom and gloom!

An energy-conscious person who knows how to maintain their energy cloud will enjoy all the differing blends of energy! Sometimes I will encounter other energy-conscious people and we both will enjoy a boost of positive energy! Or while in a location, especially touristy ones, if you know how to connect to the energy you can see some beautiful moments in time.

Some, such as myself, are also able to influence others moods by simple energetic contact. Whenever possible, I share my good mood by infusing my energy cloud – or energy field – with the love I feel so that anyone who enters my field will feel the boost.

On the down side, we can share our crappy mood too, without intending to. (Imagine a frowny face here…)

Oh, in case you are wondering, an energy field typically extends just past the length of a persons outstretched arms. This can vary depending on a persons awareness and what they are doing. For objects, I usually see the energy extend an inch or two out. Places are a different matter entirely.

In all cases, the surrounding cloud of energy can get bogged down with energy gunk. This is especially true for people and frequently traveled places such as homes, offices, restaurants, etc etc.

How does this happen, you ask?

Our energy fields are like a fingerprint. Each one unique and left on everything we come in contact with like a five-year-old in a mirror store. Each person, each place, each thing we come in contact with leaves an energetic smudge: a place in our energetic field where our energy and the energy of something else comes in contact and blends together.

Depending on the length and intensity of the contact, the blending can be confined to the edges of our respective fields or seep in deeper. In my case, prolonged exposure would lend to me taking on the personalities of others. I had no idea how or why this happened but I found it to be extremely annoying and I had no idea how to stop it. That is, until I learned what was happening and how to manage it.

So how does one manage it?

Well, one way is to clear your personal space regularly.

Don’t know how? No problem.

We just so happen to have some really helpful articles on to help. One I recommend is, Grounding and Clearing Your Energy Using Intent by Tracy Malloy.  Another one, Clearing Your Personal Space and Raising Your Vibration, also by Tracy, is good for you and your most used spaces. There are also some wonderful meditations for grounding and protecting your energy on the website that are simple and helpful.

By the way, if you enjoy meditation, it is a wonderful way to clear your energy and your home or office, or any space you occupy regularly. (Imagine a smiley face here!)

In a nutshell, clearing your space involves connecting to Universal Energy as well as your own and getting it flowing. Water is an amazing and amazingly simple medium for this.

While in the shower set your intention to rid yourself of all the gunk of the day and everything that is not for your highest good. Visualize the water running through your energy field, taking and carrying with it all that is not yours down the drain. Super simple, super easy, and something you can do regularly!

Not in the shower? No worries. To tool or not to tool…

For any time you are not in the shower, you may want to incorporate the use of tools such as scents, oils, feathers, crystals and charms or anything you feel a connection to. It certainly is not necessary, only a matter of comfort. What are you comfortable doing? There are no right or wrong ways. The most important tool is your intention, so how you choose to do it is completely up to you.

We all live in the world. We all exist in this universe. It is part of sharing this beautiful existence and this beautiful earth with others. There are places and people and things, and that is not going to change. Neither is the fact that all things are energy. Awareness of the energetic connection to you and me and all-around us can be a great help as we move through our physical time here.

And hopefully you will enjoy the energy all-around!

Love, Yoli