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ML you are awesome ... you are a very giving and open person. i appreciate you willingness to share your experiences. you have mentioned teaching children, and i cannot imagine better person to have teaching us as we grow from spiritual childhood to spiritual adults. oh, and your sense of humor ROCKS!!!! xx JV 21 Sep 2012 I second that!! MJ, you are an amazing soul!! I love stopping by this group...I know you can always be counted on to have a laugh, a hug, a cry if needed, and always seem to have the right thing to say! Thank you for being who you are and helping me develop and learn who I am as well!! heart emoticon

LC 22/9/12   

Testimonial-Tracey has been kind of a guide to me. She has some how managed to have time to not only show me things I wasn\\\\\\\'t seeing but also to has taught me ways to take the best parts of my experiences to get the most from them. She has definitely given me relief of some things I have been confused about. Although I still don\\\\\\\'t quite understand all these things happening around me I am learning to tune in better to them. She really keeps things in a positive light but also very truthful and carefully spoken. I appreciate her time, teachings, insights, kindness etc. Thank you Tracey! Thank you for also linking me up here. I am looking forward to getting more affiliated with everyone here and what the site has to offer. Each one teach one I say.


Bloody Nora. Tracey Wilson ... After john passed she had s pendant made with johns face on it. Freaked out now! X

L Ewart   

Tracey is one of my earth angels! Though she wasn't looking to be, she is a teacher to us all here. As if the generosity of her time, and her commitment to spreading love is not enough, Tracey has helped me begin to grow my skills in a very short amount of time. Her guidance on meditation and stillness of mind, and her suggestions for work with my guides has been invaluable. The exercises she brings to us all have been providing fantastic learning experiences! I really appreciate all that she shares and very much enjoy knowing her! She's fun, and she's a love, as is her guide Wicks. We are lucky to have them both here! <3

MJ Friedman 9/21/2012   

Tracey ... I really did not expect to get anything, but was blown away by what I received. I was taught from early on not to divulge \"family business\" and had a hard time dealing with that as a teen, but obeyed because I was supposed to. And its true that living with secrets creates a heavy burden ...and when it all comes out as it usually does there is a big mess to deal with. But the truth does set you free. There is still one that I may never have the answer to...maybe the answer is not important. Maybe it was a lesson for someone else. But I thank you Tracey...I am really looking foward to the future =) <3 Love you hell I want to be you..... lol I can\'t wait to get to know you better! Your Beautiful inside and out! Very...... gifted and loving! I\'m looking forward to taking this ride with you! Love To You!

Janine 2013   

Tracey, No one who has ever talked to you for more than five minutes would have anything bad to say (at least the honest people!). You are one of the most kind, giving, loving, honest, true to your word people I have seen, especially on FB where everyone is trying to deceive......I also think the others are the same, but you my love are in a class of your own!! Don't ever leave us, we wouldn't know what to do without you!! 🙂 I have never physically met her, but I do feel like I was meant to come into contact with her:) She's is a gift.....there is just nothing else to explain her....;)

E Hypes - Canada - 2012   

John Colon was placed in my path for a reason. He is, I was told, one of my earth guides. Of that I have no doubt. What he has shared with me, what he has shown me, are amazing things. The energy that he has helped me experience has been unforgettable, and his willingness to guide me on my journey is incredible! He blessed me with his healings, but even more importantly he blessed me with the presence of his loved ones. This proved to me what I was capable of, and I understand the possibilities that exist within me and around me, and I was forever changed by that experience. It's only been a month but it feels like I've known him for a millennium...and I can't wait to see where else this journey will take me. I thank him from the bottom of my heart and I thank his guide Grey Wolf too.

<3 Anon 9/21/2012

<3 Anon 9/21/2012   

Looking forward to the next evolution of awareness


Tracey gave me a reading yesterday. When I asked for it, what was in my mind and thoughts were, is Tracey going to see that I am gifted, that I have "sight" As an insecure person, who doubts themselves a lot, even though I do the HW every week and get validation of connection to spirit almost every time, I still question myself. Of course, our very gifted, talented Tracey came through with a spot on reading for me where she validated what I was thinking when I asked for a reading.. Just awesomeness...We are all so blessed to have Tracey in our lives and be part of this wonderful family. She's the REAL DEAL...<3 always!!!

5/12/13- I Lusty-Grossman   

John's energy healing was awesome!! It made such a difference for me!! I would recommend it to everyone!!


I have learned to accept my abilities that i was once scared of all because of all the information and help of this site.

I have had the help from the whole ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM...with put you guys i dont know what i would actually do.

I turn to people i know and love but they think im nuts...lol where as here i am accepted and understood. THANK YOU!!!xxxxxxxx0000xxxxxxxx

Keri Koerner Clark   

Thank you so much. Tracey Means a lot to me... He is my dad and passed 18 month ago. He did have a big family and was the joker of the family. Yeh he played on the local darts team. That message sounds just like him. Some one the words you say like ' silly pet' is my dad too a tea...

DG Murray - UK - 2012

DG Murray   

We welcome you to this site. May you learn and find that you too can be intuitive.


Just reflecting on my reading / information given to me By our lovely soul ♥ Tracey and the angels ♥ from this past week. I have really started to see hings in a different light thanks to you Tracey ♥ My reading n validations have really brought me some peace for now ..I want to give you BIG (((((((((((((()))))))))))'s for taking the time to acknowledge me and Jay n our circumstances ..I'm becoming more hopeful for our new beginnings and future ...Its been a real struggle for us with all that has happened but I feel like we're starting to make some leeway n steps to being in a happier place 🙂 I still miss my girls sooo much n I ALWAYS get the what if's n could've been...... I do know how much you all have supported us n for that i am truly greatful to you ..Thank you sooo much Tracey Wilson ♥ for the healing thoughts n prayers you have given to all of us ♥ ♥ ALWAYS , xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 19/11/12

Sheri J   

i placed apic of my son who passed away on 4/17/2015 i cannot find it now and i am waiting for reading i really like this site.


finally! I have searched and never found until today, this is so lifting and truly spiritual in nature Thank you David Young

Janet Skinner   

I just wanted to post on the most amazing day I\'ve had so far! Tracey Wilson is ABSOLUTELY amazing! I have such a sense of peace today and am surprised that there are still people in this world like her! She is truly a gift to this world!! I feel so blessed to have been able to meet her and the rest of you:))

J Milliken August 25 2012

J Milliken   

John Colon is amazing!!! He saved the day for our new friend Peggy and once again I am in awe!!! I'm so glad you were around tonight!!! xx

Anon 9/25/2012   

Energy Flows.... My sweet lord how can i thank you enough!!!!!!!!
S Boucher-Hebert May 2015

S Boucher-Hebert   

I have never been so complete than by being with like minded individuals

John C   

i think this site is great i am still waiting for a reading and i am sure it will be spot on i have read other people s comments on their readings and they have been fantistic ,


Testimonial-I kind of laughed when you told me about the lil old lady in my hair 🙂 - def. my nan yes I have been told I act a lot like her and yes Docs. said I probably would have died if it weren\'t for my sense of humor!

Ty Tracy   

I Had a reading for my husband which was right on and a smaller one on my son they passed two years apart .If I can remember rightly was Judy but do not remember her last name and I have not seen her on here for awhile. I have also met so many wonderful people and have become friends with a few which have turned out to be like family.I do not feel that I have any gifts as such except that I feel being a member of this loving caring family group is one of the best gifts I could have.

Joan Brandstetter   

Energy Flows.... My sweet lord how can i thank you enough!!!!!!!!
S Boucher-Hebert May 2015

S Boucher-Hebert   

What can I say. You (Tracey) gave me a great card reading and saw so much. Then, I put my friend's picture up and you quickly and so amazingly gave her the most validating reading. You "hit the nail square in the head". My friend was truly amazed and it really made her so happy. When you lose someone important and are able to know they are there for you, that is an immeasurable gift. You are truly gifted. A huge thank you for your time and sharing your gift. Blessings.

Tiffany 2013   

MJ truly is a giving reader. She puts so much energy and soul into her readings. I did a totem reading and I was so enlightened; I learned so much. In addition, i understood my connections to the totems/guides before i knew anything about the spirit world, which was validating. Thank you for an amazing experience.

Tiffany January 2013   

I have had readings which were unbelievable! I also found out I also have some abilities and was told I am an empath. Blew my mind. Learned a lot from everyone and it has helped me tremendously. I feel I have grown from all of this. 🙂

Tracy Galvani   

Oh Tracey if you you knew !!! How a spot you have been you have the most amazing gift, I can’t believe it!

J Goodban July 2016