Faith in Humanity

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Do not build your faith in all of humanity around the actions of a few, who have lost their way from love, and who live with evil intent. When you judge humanity and prejudice groups of people as a whole through a dirty lens such as that, the terrorists win. They breed hate by design and by creating fear and chaos. That’s what they want, they want to rob you of your personal power. They want to cloud the truth. If they can rob you of your ability to choose love over hate, to choose peace, to lose faith in all of humanity, they win. This is your test! How will you do?

If you are having trouble seeing the truth about humanity look into the eyes of a newborn baby, or a young child of any race or religion. There you will see the essence of pure spirit, of love. Children do not come here with hate, or prejudice, or with hostility in their hearts. Newborn babies are not evil beings. As we grow we learn for the good or for the bad, we learn and we choose. Even when we learn untruths, if we are paying attention to what our heart speaks we will know what’s right. What you do in the face of the truth matters. Hate is adopted, and the more it is, evil spreads. What do you choose?

Humanity is defined as the quality of being human, what does this mean? It stands for the qualities that make us human, such as to be benevolent, compassionate, brotherly and kind, but it also includes frailty. Humanity does not mean perfection, as part of our frailty we have been given free will. We get to decide. We get to decide if we will love or if we will hate. Will you allow the hateful acts of a few to create hate in you? Where there is love, there is peace. If you want to promote peace, you need to start with yourself, listen to your heart when you have something to question, it does not lie. The heart’s truth is love. If you can do this, then you can teach others to create peace in their own hearts.

Knowing this truth is what gives us the personal power to stand up for what is right, to reject evil and hate, before it makes a foothold in us. That is the ultimate test we face. We don’t govern anyone else’s choices, and that is the truth about humanity, but we do govern our own and where we live, in our homes, in our communities we can do what is right, we can live love, and when we do it spreads. Losing faith in all of humanity means that you have lost faith in yourself, for as long as you know how to choose love and do, you know firsthand there is faith to be had in humanity. If you feel yourself losing faith in all of humanity, go within.

In Light,
MJ Friedman