Angels and Demons


……as far as my teachings have gone from spirit – and I understand – there is no hell (neither is their heaven if I am honest) there is simply another plane – another dimension – another realm – call it what you like – in to which all souls go. For we are one. We are all the source.

However, there are levels of energy within that dimension and the higher energies have a form of control over the lower ones. (Or try to)… As in this world there are good, very good, bad and very bad.

A demon (which is a name we have created) is a lower energy, and will show up with a dark aura – if they have not learnt a lesson and treated their experience on this earth with contempt then they will be marked. Often with a animal feature – hence why we have seen pictures of them with horns etc. They are no way as scary as we make out.

An angel (which is a name we created as everything has to be labelled) is a pure energy which has never been to the this world, there job is to control and work within the other realm. There are not just the four of so we think – but many many hundreds – they do not have names, they have gifts (we gave them the names – neither do they have wings…. what they do have however is a white glow about them, this has been seen by many on this plane and interpreted over the years as wings and halos) When you meet one it is a wow feeling – the sense of calm is amazing.

Everything has a balance – so yes there are not so nice souls – BUT they are no worse than they are here and they do not have special powers. There lessons are much much deeper than those of a higher energy – for they do not have love. Love is the key to all energy growth.

They can however drain you… you may have met people who just by being there make you tired. Like wise you will have met people whom just by being there give you energy, comfort and calmness.

Earth Angels are pure souls, whom have walked on this earth, they tend to be the ones, with a foot in both places and work for both realms at the same time. They will be gifted in the eyes of those here and their soul purpose tends to be to help others.

Everyone, comes to Earth with a soul journey plan – one which you have signed up to before you came. Some agree to know and understand where they came from over time (these do tend to be the earth angels) Others choose not to know and therefore are free to learn and experience the lessons they need in order to understand and feel love and grow.

Its very simple yet very complicated at the same time. When we come here we often have chosen not to remember – this is where the balance is changing – more and more older souls are coming back and choosing to remember. Bringing with them more love and balance. So we are going through a bit of a balance change at the moment, and more and more people with gifts are coming forward, more and more are asking questions, more and more are seeing signs. This is not going to happen over night.

Now – to answer your question what happens to bad people – the lower energy will come here with an intent of selfishness – often than not they believe that the way to love is purely self love and by inflecting pain on others, they think this will gain them respect, fear and a odd kind of love – their lessons are hard ones and ones they often do not see until they go back… BUT if they go back and have learnt something – they will grow in light and energy. However, (and i am still trying to get my head round this one -I was taken to the hall of learning only this summer to get this lesson) When a lower energy is back on the spiritual plane and has learnt – they get marked – often with an imprint of an animal – which sounds odd – but they are marked in order that those around them can see clearly where they have come from. It is a bit like the ‘do not judge a book by a cover’… this is a hard path to take, because once marked they can be seen easier. Then then have to repent for a better word and earn clearance – so they have to work in the light harder than anyone else and in time (and a lot of time) they will slowly lose the markings. We nave named these Gargoyles. And yes from time to time they are seen here on Earth, BUT… they are sent with an angel in order to help in a situation which is dark… So often when something bad is happening here a gifted person may see the gargoyle – and then the logical brain kicks in and you get scared and our on a downwards spiral then. |When in fact the gargoyle has been sent in order to try and help the situation – if they do so, they lose some of the marking.

They will never return to this plane as a bad as before and some are prevents full stop. This is all down to free will – as a soul you are responsible for yourself and your own inner growth. But at the same time you are linked to the collective and the source…. be it what you want to call it – god, budda etc…. it is not one person – it is everyone.

The only real place of what you could call hell – is what I would call the in between realms – this is interesting as this is a self inflicted – on one but you puts you there. When you pass a white energy force comes down and if you have love and are content within yourself – you walk into it and are taken straight into the arms of your loved one (your soul family group) If however, you know you have been bad you will refrain from going in (as you believe your going to hell and have to face your peers)… so you stop yourself from going and are therefore stuck – between worlds…. a sad and lone place to be.

I have met quite a few here – most are stuck due to fear put into them by their peers on the Earth – often they are those of religious groups, those whom know they have done really bad things or have gone so quick it was confusing as to what happened.

This is one of the jobs of an earth angel – to help those stuck to go back.

And I have helped a fair few to do this – however – I have meet a few whom where bad on this Earth and are stuck and refuse to go back – you cannot push them – they have to go of free will – some are still arrogant and try to intimidate – these are the ones whom you often hear about causing problems in a house…. although they do not have any special powers – other than intimidation and can work on your imaginations and cause problems.
These are the ones whom are stuck in ‘hell’ their own ‘hell’ – karma works both on this plane and other.



Please understand that this is not my opinion but my experience and the experience of the admin team as I have seen and witnessed in my development which is obviously my road and no one else’s.

A religious beliefs in demons or angels is just that. A religious belief. And beliefs are strong. The only thing that can change them is experiencing the change. If you hold the absolute belief that there is a demon then we will not be able to help you as your experience is powered by what you inherently hold true. If you are able to have an open mind please continue to read.

I have in my time here been part of discussion, healing and removing of negative energy. In none of those times has there been a demon or anything inhuman, which is what a demon is supposed to be. That which has never been human has never done harm but has been allowed to exist based on a person’s fear and created by a person’s guilt, shame, abuse by someone and addiction- which is created by the former. These are easily battled because all is needed is a change of mind. Positive energy which can only be created and kept up by the person afflicted, expressing love for yourself and those around you, being grateful for what you have and happy for those that have more than you (in your eyes). Everyone has demons. We create them. They are what we fear, what we hate, what we don’t like in others. Mostly because all those things exist in us. We are human. We have pain and we have things that can hurt us. I do not believe in religion therefore I don’t believe in angels either. These are human construction based on a book written 2000 years ago by men. We are God, demon and angel. We have all those possibilities within us.

What you see in the, movies and books is entertainment. It is created to make money.

If this is your reality, then it will be your reality. If we are able to face what is haunting us emotionally then we are able to see though the disguise that our fear and brain creates.

There are certainly people who believe they are helped by exorcism or removal of negative energy because they believe that is what will work. So that is all that works. Again, it is what you believe and what your intent is that matters.

We are a unique group here. You will never see a member of admin encouraging this type of belief.

My advice here is to look within. What experience have you had to make you believe there was a demon with you. Many times we create the activity ourselves. We are very strong. Ungrounded emotions can move items, yes, even a human body, we can create poltergeist activity, which is all poltergeist activity actually. Spirit doesn’t do that. Humans do.

We also have a type of guide who is assigned to help us when we need a shake down. When things are out of control or rapidly about to change. They were not nice humans so once they cross they feel they have to atone for what they perceive as sinning. (Again, a religious belief which is not reality) (and if I’m wrong I’ll go to hell, it’s all good lol) they are seen looked in darkness and yes, sometimes looking like what we may perceive as a demon or animal due to pop culture. They appear in times of extreme stress or when something big and life changing is about to happen. I have experienced this just before my father died. I work with a spirit guide such as this. I assist him in shedding those sins and making things right. Of course he doesn’t appear to me in a negative way any longer but he does appear to others this way.

I would say that you have experienced some pretty extreme situations in life and that there is some healing that needs to happen for you.

I want to tell you, you are beautiful. You are loved and you are a wonderful magnificent soul. Anything that you have experienced is for a reason. That reason brought you here and we welcome you.

Let’s forget this photo. Post one of you, a very recent selfie is fine. We have some wonderful readers both here and in our admin and we will work with you using both our guides and yours to get to the bottom of this. 🕉  Tracy Malloy