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Energy is within you and flows through you.




  1. a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

There are many methods and modalities that are classified as "energy work" In our experience, we are able to send and change energy within a person to help alleviate symptoms of an unbalanced body, mind and soul. Being intuitive by nature we all have the ability to help ourselves and others.

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About Us

I am an Usui Holy Fire Reiki III Master/Teacher, Fully Integrated Ascended Spirit, Life Purpose Coach, Direct Energy Channel and Medium.  In the many years of working with spirit and energy, I have been assigned many roles such as ‘Gatekeeper”, “Master/Teacher”, “Telepathic Healer”, and “Overseer”. In working with high vibration energies, I have been taught to speak their language. I can create experiences to help you understand how “they” are trying to get your attention, with the same methods of communication they use to reach us.

By serving on these spiritual councils; The Brotherhood of Light, and Council of Elders, I have been taught that healing comes in many forms.  This can be done through mediumship, energy work, or simply a conversation to help you understand the spirit world and how it plays a natural part in your healing process. I am able to become spirit while holding a conversation with you, and offer you a journey into spirit as a tour guide. My role is to teach you the truth about this complex world, and to help you find your own power in it.  I also can help you understand your own potential, and guide you as far as you would like to go. I can teach you how to take steps to communicate with spirit, or to be a healer yourself.

A healing session will utilize many spiritual modalities. The end result is a life changing, but simple experience of healing through direct contact with source energy. This will create an inner shift that illuminates the spark that we all have within us.

The following will help explain my spiritual roles- and what they entail:


Energy Telepath:  I can use my mind and integration of spirit consciousness to gather energy from source and combine it for a certain outcome.


Gatekeeper in Angelic Realm: I work in multidimensional frequencies that can open portals between worlds to help usher through energy consciousness. I work with Archangel Azrael at times but as a direct energy conduit. I have been able to transcend these dimensions to help build an understanding of this world, and what lies beyond. Journeys into heaven, a visit from a loved one or guides often take place, (this includes past lives, lives between lives and possible journeys into future).

These instances are spirit led, and will only appear when you are ready for them. For those who are intuitive you will be taught different levels of discernment by introduction to various levels of energy consciousness while in the protection of the Angelic realm.


Master/Teacher The Council of Elders:  This spiritual role allows me to teach every level of energy from psychic, mediumship, healing, and protection. We are not limited.  This includes other worldly interactions. I have been shown many paths, and have walked along with many souls on their journey; for we each require something different.


Telepathic Healer:  My natural ability as a fully integrated spirit allows me to be able to connect you directly to source, without the need for guides or other’s energy. During a session I will conduct the energy and place it where needed.  However, it is a pure connection, as my own energy is never used in your session. When in this mode I am in spirit and clairvoyantly see what is needed.  My two methods seeing you as a hologram for a healing session, or if you are a fellow intuitive, we might use that opportunity as a teaching moment.  However, you will always be asked to have permission to be in your space.


Overseer The Great White Brotherhood of Light:  This is a role that I have been assigned by The Great White Brotherhood, to help train those called into service as a specialty and mentor in the advanced operations of energy work. I am often guided to those who seek this level and cannot teach this to everyone. It is respected and honored position as spirit assigns the class.

Spirit has created the union of souls known as to help spread awareness and teaching. We believe in networking while sharing experiences as we learn from ourselves and each other.


Available Services: In Person, Online or Private groups in your home or Our Location



For information about holding your own circle or having a private lecture email We offer EnergyFlows Foundation Course or Energyflows Holy Fire Reiki Certification.

Alicia – Holy Fire Balls Or should I say REIKI FIRE… Had the pleasure of getting a long distance healing last week from John Colón who is a reiki fire master. It has taken me awhile to get around to writing about the experience. I reached out to John on messenger and after I said yes go ahead, about 5 seconds later I was hit by this beautiful radiating energy pretty much directed at my pituitary gland.( I only know this as I googled what this energy point was.) I hadn’t explained to him what was going on with me, the energy just seemed to know where to go. The heat radiated there for several minutes and softened everything and then felt it go through out my body. I was then buzzing for the next few days. Feeling very grateful thanks – John Colón


LIsa M  – Thank you John. You have no idea how much your guidance has help me. My whole life I’ve had a desire to be in the medical field but always new I didn’t have the book smarts for it. I knew I was missing something & it feels so good to have found it. Now I can do what I’ve always desired with all that you’ve taught me.. I am willing to do whatever work it takes. What an amazing experience this has all been. For the first time in my life I can’t wait to see what the my future has in store for me.

john Colón is a genius😊 thank you johnny blaze for that help it was much needed your the best

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Light displaces darkness –

At the heart of it’s core is still a trace of hope, energetic vibrancy and the desire to heard and loved.

At our smallest cell breakdown, we inherently seek a connection to other like types to feel companionship and purpose.

Dis-ease is the body’s energetic response to get us to notice when something is incompatible in energy which  help bring us back into balance.

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