Logic and Knowing

There are many who question whether or not their dreams, signs, or experiences are real. It is very easy, in our everyday lives, to dismiss them as “just a dream” or coincidence. We share here, and members can relate to our feelings which helps us build confidence and trust in our connection to spirit…and that is what we work toward with this group. At the same time, with our newfound confidence, we go out into our everyday lives and that fragile certainty is quickly knocked down by those who do not yet understand. That instantly brings us back to a doubtful and questioning state of mind.

I know this all too well. It is difficult for our logical side to grasp and understand spirit-based and faith-based interactions. Our logical side, basically, is comprised of all the things that we have been taught throughout our lives is the “real world.” It is the part of us that takes all the info we encounter and puts it through a personal system of reasoning to verify the “real-ness” of what we are experiencing. Spirit- and faith-based encounters do not hold up to our (and most people’s) logic, so the experiences are dismissed as imagination.

It can be challenging to hold what we feel and know to be true in the face of so many logical and trusted friends and family telling us different. Or even being teased, or mocked (lovingly or otherwise) and generally embarrassed for believing in something others do not understand. Our confidence takes a hit, and we question ourselves.

It’s okay to question. That is how we learn. The more we learn, the more we get back to trusting ourselves. The more we trust ourselves, the more we trust the authenticity of our experiences. The more we believe in what we are experiencing, the stronger our connection becomes and the more we understand that we are always connected. The more we understand, through asking questions and learning, the more confidence we feel and the less we doubt our connection to spirit and to each other. In turn, this leaves us more open to connect; and when you have that dream, or see that sign, or have that experience you will know…it is real.

Looking forward to reading more wonderful experiences from you all.

Love, Yoli