“A Sleepless Mother” written and experienced by Kris Lueck

1. Pure Love     


My “random thoughts” at this moment; unable to sleep but comforted by wonderful memories of the past & those I dream of, of the future when on one amazing day, I will be reunited with my beautiful Angel once again!!!

For a Mother to lose a child,
Is a heart that never mends.
It’s a soul that is crushed.
It’s sadness that never ends…
It’s a longing;
It’s an aching.
It’s the void of memories we should still be making!
It’s missing your voice…
It’s missing your smile.
It’s missing your hugs!!!
And yet… All the while:
I just know YOU are alright–
I just need to wait…
We WILL be together again;
We will DANCE in the Light!!!
You were my joy,
But you became my guide,
You lived in LOVE,
You put “worldly” things aside.
Now my focus is very clear.
I’ve been given a mission:
I’ll try to live as you did, Dear,
With a Godly vision!!!
I’ll surely join you in “awhile!?”
Til then, my Darling,
I try to “keep on going,”
I know you want me to smile!!!
Please know I feel you,
I know you’re still around.
Love is ETERNAL!!!
It’s not Earthly-bound!!!!
A Mother-child bond,
No one & nothing can sever!!!
It’s a true soul-connection,
That lasts FOREVER!!!!!!
Dedicated to my sweet Kelly Jo, who left her Earthly existence, but whom will NEVER leave the hearts of everyone who had the good fortune to know her in her brief lifetime, especially me: her Mama who “Loves her to the Moon & Back, times Infinity— and now throughout ETERNITY!!!!” 💗😘💕