Cutting cords

Our existence here is not isolated to just us – our vibration is felt by many people – even you reading this will feel my energy in the words and you will feel emotion.

We are all energy all linked as one.  And the easiest way to think about this is like a 3D spiders web of light.  We are the tiny spiders travelling within this web – but we stay pretty close to the ones we love. But we can feel the vibration of other travelling down the strands.

We are all linked in some way. Along our strands we will come into connect with other people  – some will be full of energy and will lift you up and others will be full of dark and drag you down – these people are often called energy vampires and you will know whom these people are – there are the ones whom drain you. Take from you  and never give back.  These can be very close family members and friends and therefore keeping your distance can be very hard. But there will come a time when you will see that you can no longer give to these people and you need to break free – or cut the cord.

Many teach that this is a simple process of many rituals and the cutting of one cord. This is not the case. It is very simple in essence in that all you need to do is set your intent. But there will be more than one cord you must cut so this is going to take time. Think of that spiders web – the other person is close to you in that web and whilst you cut the direct link to them you can still feel their vibration along the strands which link you to other people – the link will be weaker but its still there.

We often see requests for cord cutting from those in bad relationships – and emotions run very high. These cords need to be cut both on this earth plane and on the other plane. And it often a very go do idea to include friends here – people whom are so close to you that you can cry out loud and they will listen.

It is vital to cut contact here – and that means deleting numbers, blocking on social media, destroying letter and gifts – basically cutting off all modes of contact and all modes of reminders.  Some people whom have been deeply hurt by this other person find that the ritual help with the release of emotions.  This is not an over night job and it will not be easy – its like a death and a mourning  – its going to take some getting over. But you are in control. Every time you destroy a link here you cut another strand of the web. Some people find writing a goodbye letter to the person and listing all the things you did not like within the relationship helps – once written this letter should be burnt and with it the intent that you forgive them.  Not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace. Without peace that cord is not cut – they still have a hold over you.

Once all the physical stuff if out the way on the earth plane then a lot of the bigger cords are cut. It is then that you can mediate to a place of love with the help of your guides and visual your web and the final strands linking you with this person.. And you simple cut each remaining strand watching the energy between you get weaker and weaker.

Tee xx