We are all one – we are all energy

When I was 5 years old I announced to a teasing group of adults that spirituality would one day be proved by science   – 40 years on and its nice to see quantum physics is catching up fast.  I knew then we were all one and that one was energy, but now I understand it.


We really are all one – we are source – we are god – at our purest state ‘souls state’ we are like a mist of energy which travels in many directions yet still all connected. The vibration of one can be felt by the masses.

The simplest way to think about this is a molecule of water and the cycle it takes from rain, to mountain stream, to river, to sea, to mist, to cloud, to rain……


This molecule (us) flows alone travelling a path – its own path with its own obstacles on the way –  every drop is different, every path is different, yet all drops flow the same way…. one day it could be in a calm river flowing past a pretty field and the next part over a waterfall free falling into a storm.  The next floating in the air up to become a cloud. This atom of water can change state too – water – spring/ sea/drinking –  steam – cloud mist –  ice – snow flakes – hail . They are all made up of atoms of water. Where does it start no ones knows for it’s a constant movement of energy.


This is how we flow.  Our purest state is that of mists soul energy  free floating, to come down into a solid form and navigate the world only to return once more to a mist like state.

More and more people are now becoming aware of this energy – and whilst many still call this awareness a gift to another place – it really is just an ability to tap into this energy and listen.

When we go back to a soul state, we loose all psychical form – the body stays here – our souls goes on. But this soul energy is no longer trapped in a body – it can wander at will in many directions and be in many places at once. It links back to source but remains its own.


Tee x

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