Ethics on speaking about death


Some important questions for all of you…what are the ethics behind discussing death if you see it? Should you tell or keep it close to your own heart? What is the right way to handle this if someone asks you about it for themselves, or for a sick relative so they can prepare? If you think you should not tell, are there exceptions? Below is a quick discussion we had on the topic.


  • John – we deliver the mail.. not read it…. if it comes to our path we relay it in the most delicate way we can to have the person either notice it or not..hindsight in those cases is best… it plants a seed to ease the blow….if they get consumed by it… again its their process..honor what you get because if you sensor what spirit gives…..what the heck is the point of even trying…
  • Janis – I believe the best thing to do is always ask in a reading if that person wants to know everything! That’s something I try to do before I even get started! Many people don’t want to know when they’re love one’s are dieing, very few do! When you come forward with information about a loved one passing it needs to be done as clam and loving from one’s heart! Always see it like your speaking to your love one, can be very touchy subject!
  • MJ – Some very good points John .I personally do not know what the right thing is, and have only seen death clearly one time and was in my 20s and not prepared to act on it anyway…I do always wonder if I could have prevented it. How you handle the vision of someone’s potential death could impact a person’s life, so I do feel I would have some obligation to how I might deliver such news. I would probably be more inclined to ask if they have been to a doctor lately and suggest they get a checkup…I am not sure I could deliver it as directly as I saw it, even if I do see it that clearly again. I certainly could not when I was in my 20s…I distinctly remember thinking how can I say this to this person? It’s so weird! In cards the Death card rarely means actual death and is more a card of transformation so when I see it in cards it depends on what is surrounding it, the position ect., but I don’t know if I would ever say I see death as actual death if I do, but I do in some ways see the point you make as it applies to preparing oneself. One question I have is, does knowing someone sees your death interfere with your ability to change it? If you think you are going to die will you be more likely to?
  • John – you have all seen how i handle those questions…i do not see death… but i will see an energy shift….around a timeline
    not specifics
  • Good to ask that question Janis…
  • MJ – Yes John that’s a bit nicer way for you to see than how I was shown, less startling…and for someone who is elderly and in hospice let’s say I think that could help a family deal with it, say their goodbyes…
  • MJ – I guess it feels more ok to me if the person has lived a long life…
  • Janis – Personally I have never been wrong when seeing somebody’s passing! Now I have never came up against that person I was reading death it has always been a relative or friend of theirs! Ouch lol.. I hope I don’t come across a person for a reading and see that person’s death but again if I do I will have to ask if they want to know everything! I don’t believe seeing your death or knowing when it’s going to happen will interfere with your ability to change it, not at all! We all know we’re going to pass sometime, I don’t believe it will bring us to a place where we would be more likely to!
  • MJ – I feel that thoughts matter greatly and that people are very impressionable, so to me it can matter what thoughts they are impressed with as to how they might go on from that point. Placebo tests have proven this. Either way it is a lot of responsibility to know this information…and good bless those of you who have been gifted with the sight for this and have to make these decisions…
  • Aurora – I have always seen death as something that Universal Law keeps us from knowing for ourselves about our time here or our loved ones because it is part of our ascension/growing/learning process. If I were to know that information I would pray for it to be easy and painless for whomever is involved, but I don’t believe that I would share it. . .
  • MJ – Thanks guys there’s a lot to consider here…
  • Angelina -Only someone I know really well and they ask what I’m getting yes. But I channel spirit and I always tell ppl it is in God’s hands. cuz that’s the truth!
  • Janis – I seen my mom’s passing 10 years before it happen but I didn’t believe it! In no way would I tell her but I looked for the dress that she was buried in /in her closet! Deep breath and happy that it wasn’t there about 4 years before her passing she went shopping for wedding and came home with that beautiful dress! I was in shock and all the blood ran for my face lol.. at the time she thought I didn’t the dress! Yes she was buried in it and what was really weird is I was walking through the center of the chairs walking up to my moms casket the people were sitting exactly the way I saw it in my dream!
  • MJ – Wow that’s a long time to wait…it must have been hard to see that dress come home…xoxo
  • Janis – Every time I saw her and my dad I would kiss and hug them like there was no tomorrow! We talked about everything and laughed much! I was the one that had to pick out what she was going to wear in her viewing! That was really hard because I felt my dream would impact my feelings on what she would of liked to wear, it was when my cousin that went to the wedding with her came forward and told me how much she loved that dress and how beautiful she felt that day! Then I knew for sure it had to be
  • MJ -That is beautiful Janis
  • Janis – Hug’s..
  • Ruben – My personal experience is that when I see a Disease on someone or know that person is gonna pass or not I usually try to steer them towards getting a check up. I will not bluntly tell them “I see Cancer” but would guide them to a Doctor. Sometimes I am blocked from seen these things but I have asked not to be shown. It is our choice, so most of the time I won’t see it unless I ask. I use to walk around and see people that were sick. We must detach from this sort of knowing in order for us to be able to function and not get drain. Death is only an illusion and its hard to understand it specially when it is someone close to you. I have told people I’ve known to get a check- up. Some laughed others had it done to find I was right. It is their choice. By the end of this year someone at my job is gonna pass but I keep it to myself. We can try to help but we cannot change the outcome unless we are allowed to by God.
  • Janis – I don’t believe it’s a choice at all because I have asked as a child many times! I believe it’s a gift like all others, as much as I use to hate it I learned to love it more! I do agree on steering them to go see a doctor as I have done that too but I don’t see it unless it’s going to happen usually at the ending stage!
  • MJ – Janis did you ask not to be shown?
  • Janis -Yes when I was small i didn’t want to see any of it, I didn’t want any part in it at all! Now I’m find with it as I can see how I can help others in the passing and their relatives on how to deal !
  • Tiffany – I would want to know if it is a serious issue that can be helped. There is always hope in my mind. Nothing is in stone. So steer a person to get help Do your best and pray for the rest. Anyone sense anything with me?
  • Janis -I just feel LOVEEEE TiFF!
  • Tracey –  There are only two things certain in life…birth and death…yet as mortals we know this ..and as gifted we understand it is not an end..still those around us are scared of happens to us all..the scary bit usually is not the person whom is passing but with those they leave behind.. To bluntly tell of a loved ones impending death us cruel… If seen it should be handled with care. Dignity and understanding. Whilst spirit may show you. You still have a earth bound responsibility and duty of care to those you are reading for and need to make a judgement. I have seen death and recently too.. I did not tell the person outright.but I made sure I was at her hospital bed as often as I could and that I was there for her children and family. Seeing it is rare many mediums will say you cannot see it.. But you can. When I walk through a hospital ward I can see the spirit family stood behind waiting to assist. But in a reading its different and you need to understand the power of your words and the gift of healing you told in them. Also under UK law you are not permitted to read on inc births or there is a leagal ascept to this too xx
  • MJ – Thanks Tee that clears up a lot of my questions on this.
  • Janis- Yes me too, thanks! XO..
  • Tiff-  Interesting. It seems many people ask about money, having children, health. Wow. If someone asks me what I think, and I tell them how can someone sue since they asked. I guess it is seen as a profession like any other.
  • Lindy –  i have had this happen to me while reading, tho i never say its going to happen i remind them that time is precious and short here on this plane, and that when our loved ones upset us we must bury the hatchet and make peace, most times ive sen it there has been a rift between 2 parties, i remind them that if the lord decides to take someone the deep regret we would all have to live with if amends werent taken, i guess its more the approach that we take, i would never say hey so anso is going to die.
  • MJ – Lindy great input, i like your approach!
  • Vinny – If the person wants to know about it I would tell what I feel. If not I would not keep it close to my own heart. I dont want to hold on to someone else’s pain. I would do a meditation for them and let it go. If they ask for themselves or a sick relative I’m telling what I get. A time that I would not tell is If I am not sure I’m connected with that person. I need to give them information first so that myself and them are sure I’m connected  Great question! Smile))
  • I have been wondering about what situations are wrong to give a reading about? What information shouldn’t you tell? Or how can you word it better? Thanks everyone for your help!