What happens when we die?

There are only 2 things which happen in this world for sure – birth and death – anything can happen in-between.  But death will come to us all  – this is natural and not to be feared in anyway – it just means the lessons which you came to lean have played out and you have progressed. To the point of corssing the horizon back to soul state.

But I get asked a lot about what happens when you pass over.

As you will no doubt already know the way you can go is varied – accident, natural, short illness , long illness,  murder, suicide…. So the time  leading up to a death can be long or short.

In many cases you will know when your time has come and a sense of peace will prevail. This can be as much as a few months before or as little as a few seconds. And yes everyone goes to the same place.

Many of those with long illness will get to a point of understanding their time is coming and you often find people with very serious illness seem to get better a few days before they go –  this is the peace state coming in.  Many will see the other side and loved ones past – and everyone has someone whom once loved them – and everyone has someone to help them cross. These loved ones will often be seen around these people days before they go and you may even hear the sick person talking to them.  If you gifted enough to see then this is a beautiful thing to witness.

As the soul leaves the body, there is a smell which is often smelt and a sense of peace within the person. A silver / white mist or cord will leave the body and float up to fade. Many mediums have witnessed this and again it’s a beautiful thing to see.

This is the soul leaving. The person will feel an instant sense of peace and see bright white light – it is so bring it should hurt the eyes but it does not – some have a sense of floating to it and others see it faster around them – within this light will be welcoming souls of loved ones past – they will help the deceased to move back to soul state.

There follows a period of time when the deceased is held and loved with these loved ones and their energy can be felt on earth very strongly – they will be with you back here for a few weeks or even months.  Its ironic in some ways as when they first go they are very strong and can be picked up by mediums easier – but it is at a time when emotions run high and those left behind do not want to hear from a medium. But other signs will be about – little things – feather, butterflies, flowers, songs, smells, dreams are but a few of the ways a love done can reach you.

The next stage is the ‘soul review’ stage and the deceased moves a state in which they can review there life and the lessons they learnt – this is where they go back over the initial contract and see how it played out and what they learnt  – this stage can take a few months it can also take a few years. This is when the link to earth bounds is weaker.  Some call this spirit hospital.

The stage after this is one of linking back to the collective and agreeing to do a job there – these jobs are not like ours here – they link back in large groups to provide help to those back here – healers, guides,…

Some times the passing is very quick – ie accident and murder. Even suicide follows into this.  With these the souls goes into shock – and whilst the light and the loved ones are there – the person is so shocked to find they have died that they do not walk into the light.  I these cases they are said to be in-between worlds or not passed or earth bound spirits.  These are the ones which mediums can pick up very strong for months after – in fact they often seek a medium out to help.  The reason for the shock is varied so the way the medium helps is varied too – but in all cases it’s a matter of the medium talking and listening and helping the person. The medium will then bring the white light back down and help the person cross – the easiest way to do this is to call on more loved ones and allow them to help the person to go.  But you cannot force them – they have to go of free will. The mesiums drop is to explain what happened and what is beyond the white light.

The sadness case I had was of a little Victorian girl whom did not cross for she thought she was going to hell – because that morning she has stole an apple from a cart. So sad, and once I was able to explain and bring her mum in she walked into peace. But then there are some I have left here (in effect in their own hell) as they are too arrogant to accept the help.

In most cases however, it is possible to help all those stuck to pass over and this is one of the many reasons we have light workers / mediums  / earth angles / energy workers – call them what you will here.

But in all cases they go back to the same place. Suicide comes up a lot in the questions and the simple answer is that suicide is an illness just like cancer  – and it takes a brave soul to takes ones own life – these souls go back to the same place as any other.

They go back to pure love and energy to be as one.

Tee x

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