Moral of giving a reading

Being gifted is natural and we all have this to a certain degree, but with full mediumship It takes time to establish a link which is pure of heart and only includes information which is given by the loved ones of those past or the guides we have agreed to work with. The building of trust between, ‘them and you‘, and more importantly the trust you build in trusting ‘you’ takes time. And in many cases you need to get it wrong before you get it right (see our first set of lessons in the files which explains this) The gift of mediumship comes from your soul link and not your human brain – this is where the conflict of trust comes because as you get older you start to think more and more in a logical way using your human brain and tent to switch off from your soul link and the just knowing which you are capable of. But with this also comes a moral issues as you try to help those you are reading for.

  • The problem any reader will encounter along the way is:
  • The gaps in information
  • Understanding why some information is given is such a way that is makes no sense
  • Information given via symbols

The phase ‘I tell you what they tell me’ is so important here and its just that – only give what your given – do not fill in the gaps, not try to work out why something makes no sense to you and give the symbols as you see them. It is so easy to feel you are not giving enough and to add to a reading – be very aware of this as it could be either your good will or even your ego coming out to play.

The gift of providing a client with a reading is a very moral lead gift and you hold a huge amount of power in the words you use – so this comes with a huge amount of responsibility.

The real skill comes in listening and not interpreting – I find it funny at times that we call this reading – when in fact we listen or see – that’s our job – not to read and not to interpret but to see and listen and relay the information we are given in such a way that it is honest and open and the client can relate to it – it really does not matter if we do not understand what we are being told – it matters that the client understands it in such a way that it brings validation, comfort and love to them.

The whole point of a mediumship reading is give the person love from a loved one past and to help guide them in such away that brings relief. Of course you may get warning too – but you need to decide how you give that information out – this should never scare anyone – and whilkst gifts are natural so is common sense, comparsion and empthy. Most natural mediums have these in bucket loads too – but if you are strating out and feel your not a natural good listener with empath – they think twice before you speak.

But all readings come with a set or morals. And the biggest moral is not to allow your ego to play and to be aware of the words you use – do not add to the information in order to make a story. And to be aware in the way you deliver the message.

It is these morals which you as a human need to be very aware of – never under estimate the power of your words as a reader – you may give hundreds of readings in a year and remember very few but the person whom you read for will be making decisions based on what you have told them – your words carry power and this power can help but it can also hinder – you as a reader carry a huge moral responsibility for what you are telling people.

When you are learning to open up the information you get from tools i.e. tarot, ribbons etc or membership will often not make sense. These readings come from the non use of your human brain and gaining learning to trust you is very hard at first so there is a tenancy to fill in the gaps with earth bound experience. This is where the moral of readings come into play and the acknowledgement that you have to watch your ego.

There is a fine balance on knowing your right via the ink to source and giving your opinion based on your earth bound experience. If you are setting your stall out as a psychic you are just a go between – an translator – you are agreeing to just pass on the messages you are given as they are – you are not a life counsellor – the client is not asking for your personal opinion on the issue. This is a very fine line but one every reader needs to be aware of – you can of course give a personal opinion on a matter but you must make it clear that that is your view and not the view of the spirit you are translating for.

Readings and the lawThere are legal laws in place around the world which also govern readings and you should be fully aware of these and even if you are not charging you should abide by them – these in general reduce down to not reading on health (including pregnancies) legal or money advice.

Even if you are told something direct by spirit you should use your earth bound common sense to decide if you are going to relay the message – I had a recent client whom had been told a few years ago that she should not have 3 children – no explanation as to why – so the poor lady was left hanging – this was not a big issue at the time – but she is now pregnant with her third child and all sorts are running through her head. The reader in this case has caused damage.

This brings up another potential issue on the power of thought – that medium has sown a seed of doubt over a third child and now the lady is thinking worrying thoughts – her thoughts carry power so could bring about something not nice. The fact of the matter remains that the medium should never have said anything negative about having a third child in the first place – she is morally wrong and breaking the law. The power of her words have done damage as well as broken the law.

Free will
Free will is the universal law which means that no ones life path is written in stone – and this is come something a client needs to know from the start – the lessons are in stone but not the path in which you will take in order to reach these lessons – and if you do not learnt them the first time you will encounter them again and again.

Its like one of these 1980s books where you are given a story and a few possible outcomes – you read them then decide the outcome you want and turn the page to that chapter – that’s how your soul journey contract is based – you are given a situation in which a story and lesson unfolds and then you decide which way to go – this is why readings can be wrong – esp. future ones – you are given a free will choose not to do what a reader has told you – a future readings is but one possible path to take – it will be the current path your on – but it does not have to be your path for ever – you are able to change this. So free will card reading do help with this and again they can be found in our files.

Please be aware that there are people out there whom are so lost they cannot think for themselves or they have made so many bad decision in the past that they now lack confidence in there own thoughts and will not do anything without the advice is psychic – these people are vulnerable and need support but need to be told that daily or weekly readings are not healthy and that they need to think for themselves at some point – future readings done every 6 months is about right, but anything below this is unhealthy. You again as a reader have a moral responsibility to inform a client of this. So when first starting out with readings please be aware of what it is your getting through via a message and what you are adding as your own thoughts. This is one reason why I teach the no validation talk with a client – you are doing yourself no favours in flitting back and fort between the realms – it is much better to make your link and listen – you do not even have to ask questions – just listen and write up what you see and hear – do not interpret the messages either – just tell it as you are told it.

That’s the whole point of this practice group – you are in safe place in which you can link and test your link – you are under no obligation in order to get the reading right you are here for your growth more so than that of giving a correct reading – and at first I suspect many of your first readings will be wrong – but that’s the whole point once you get it right you will be able to feel the difference – if you are constantly flitting between the realms you cannot listen properly to what you are being told and once the client gives you even a little bit of information your link is weaker as your human brain is now in the play and will be trying to fit to altogether – it is much better at the beginning to give single words and get those right than it is to give a full reading based 50% on your own skill at piecing a story together.

Tee xx