EnergyFlows – 4 Card Tarot Reveal

Energyflows 4 Card reading

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In keeping with the spirit of taking the opportunities of teaching you how to listen to your own intuition. I have placed the card descriptions and ask that you now look at the numbers you’ve chosen as your 4 card spread. Think of the questions you had while asking for guidance in your life. In this file there are instructions of the placements and meanings that 4 different intuitives applied to those cards. Now the next step is for you to take those numbers and read their meanings for you intuitively picked those numbers in certain orders and you will be shocked to see how well you are trying to help yourself. If you get stuck or confused on a meaning its ok to ask for clarification. If you are interested in development we have a website that is geared up to teaching and support via a forum, classes and a sister facebook group. The best way to help oneself is listening to the gentile voice that is you, for you already possess the answer inside.