Welcome to Energy Flows

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“The path to enlightenment is not a straight one,  Spirituality is a journey many walk alone, yet the steps we take, we take together….”


Welcome to Energy Flows

Our goal is a simple one  –  to open doors for each other and allow those whom wish to walk through.….. so we are student and teacher alike – we are all one – made of the same energy –  we come together to share and grow  – to allow our energy to flow….

Whether you are a natural born medium, empath or healer, if you have a deep spiritual connection or have taken classes and have questions on how best to connect. Each person has their own belief structure and all are welcome here. We are a group of gifted individuals on a path of higher learning- being teacher and students for each other. If you choose to try and develop your own gift – you may realize you can do the same thing- to help yourselves along and believe that there is so much to you and all there is.

All we ask is that you are good at heart, respect others views even if they do not fit your own. Lead by example or even learn by example. Every person connects differently to what gifts they have. You could have a deep connection to God, the earth, animals, people or even spirit that has crossed over.

We hope to learn and grow from each others experience and make it a truth for ourselves for ultimately we alone know our path but sometimes forget it.

As long as your intent is pure of heart – you are welcome here. ( just leave your ego at the door).