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John Colón

the ones who we listed actually wante3d to be part of the teaching team that is moderators in forum group

does that include Vinny
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John Colón

in class chat he is jumping right in with people

John Colón

im calling you

                              I’m a Certify Usui Reiki Master Teacher. . I’m also been blessed with the Gift of Mediumship. You know, the smallest thing can change your life. In the blink of an eye something happens by chance, when you least expect it. Set you on a course you never planned. Into a future you never imagine. Where will it take you ? That’s the journey of our lives. I’ve search for the light,but sometimes finding the light means you must pass through the deepest darkness. This is my journey, to bring you into total awareness and into the Light. We are all different and are at different levels of learning on this plane. Spirit teaches us these things and becoming aware of  your Guides, Spirit Helpers, and Angels will get you closer to true understanding.  The Veil that separates our Worlds is very fine and can be access through the Love of one another. These teachings are for the Pure in Heart and Spirit.                    Everyday Our Destiny is determine by what we have learned and accomplish as Souls in pass lives. With our shifting Perception we can remarkably see these changes in us, and can find Happiness. We receive information that defines and shape the direction of our life. The pathways are already build before we come here. Seek the Oneness in your selves and go within the boundaries of your existence,for this is where God is. Love is the Universal Energy that holds the Dimensional Levels that we must reach. By learning the lessons put to Us we shift and develop to go to the next Level of learning. We never stop learning and reaching for the Heavens should be our Goal in life. Forgive and let those that have hurt you find the Path to Enlightenment. Direct them through the Darkness and make them see the Light that is forever Guiding them into Eternal Love and happiness. You are Eternal and never ceased to be.
― RbnQ