Social Distance got me today…

Mercury Retrograde, a full moon, Friday the 13th, we lost an hour of sleep AND most of the country began to social distance last week. I’m exhausted.

Around Wednesday March 11, at prescicely 12pm, I had essentially given up for the week. Each day had already been exhausting. We joked it was finally the end of Mercury being in Retrograde, we were all sleep deprived, there had been a full moon on Sunday… To he honest I was looking forward to Friday the 13th because it was one of the days I work at a different work site. By Thursday things were starting to get really crazy. There. Was. No. Toilet. Paper. ANYWHERE.

We are all aware this crazy fast pneumonia viral infection had spread pretty quickly through China and we were hearing very scary things from our own soil as well as in Italy and numerous other countries. I had gone to the store a few times that week because that’s how I shop, I stop at the store when I need something and buy the majority of my basics on the weekend. I bought paper products, cleaning supplies and some odds and ends. By the time quitting time came on Friday things were chaotic. Our government had called for social distance, a lot of schools in our area were shutting down for the next two to three weeks, the nursing home I visit was not allowing any visitors, stores were mobbed and out of everything. I mean everything. No milk, no produce, no meat… Nothing. I was out for dinner with some friends while we discussed why might happen at work on Monday. On Saturday I went to the drug store for cough drops (I have a slight addiction) and some soda (I have a few addictions) and was lucky enough to get two half gallons of the milk my husband drinks, some coffee and two boxes of Mac and Cheese. My mother offered to have my brother get some things from Walmart when he went to work but I declined and waited until I went to the grocery store the next day. I was lucky and got most of my weekly groceries and one of the LAST loaves of bread in the store. It’s horrible, gritty, non GMO sawdust, but it ain’t bad toasted with peanut butter.

I believe what started to happen next is because people are actually trying to stay in place and not be out and about. I personally know social media is dangerous to the psyche but I suppose I distance myself from it enough not to truly see it.

People are brutal, people are so fast to believe anything that places blame of what they are feeling and they will not believe anything else. People are also jaded by what they believe, their opinions, their religion and their politics. Now… I have some strong opinions, I am not religious, I’m a pretty centralist person with my politics. I’ve had my mind changed both on atheism (which I not fully embrace) and completely understand the other side of the aisle sense of politics and view of our country. I just may not agree with it… But I understand it and I know some wonderful supporters from the other side of the aisle. As long as we can have a discussion without name calling and bashing I am your debate girl! It’s really my mother’s fault because she always said you should not talk about religion and politics, those are my two favorite topics. I hate small talk.

While I can personally see where someone is coming from on whatever topic is at hand, I will always be respectful unless disrespected first, I will always try (sometimes that’s hard) to understand where the other person is coming from. The last five days have been heartbreaking. People are coming from a place of absolute fight or flight. It’s not totally relegated to the current state of the economy, I see it all the time, it’s just so in your face right now. Some friends have been sharing their prayers and wishes for God to help and intervene, they are sharing their outdoor adventures with their out of school kids, their TV recommendations, their diet advice, it’s really been beautiful. Personally I’ve been in alot of my diabetes groups helping people with advice where I can and watching my own marathons on streaming (As I said… Addictions).

Others are just sharing misinformation. Straight made up stuff. Just sharing others opinions as facts on this insane illness. This stuff isn’t coming from a website, it is personal Facebook statues that are copied and pasted from others because the original posts are being flagged. They are being flagged because they are dangerous and irresponsible. Socially distance and stay home! This is not a hoax. I repeat, this is not a hoax. This got me anxious and downright angry the last two days.


{I had to remind myself over and over.}

Some advice though I wanted to pass on to you for now and in the future. The world certainly seems black and white. There are going to be things you are going to like and dislike, things you are going to be for and things you are going to be against, and maybe as a spiritual soul seeker you are going to be passionate about a fair few. I only ask that you stay true to who you are and don’t hold others accountable for your view on the world. Where you see something as wrong and evil another person may have had a wonderful experience with it. Like, religion or hunting for example. Maybe a family must hunt in order to suppliments their families meals in the winter and maybe some really feel like they were saved by God and a religious community. Neither of those things are right for me, but that doesn’t make them wrong or evil.

It just makes them right for that person.

Sending wonderfully healing vibes to everyone who took the time out of their homeschooling to read the words that calmed me today.

🧘‍♀️ Tracy Malloy