Clearing your personal space and raising your vibration

In this section we will discuss clearing your personal space and raising your vibration. I will cover why, how, when and how to avoid having to do this often. We will be discussing the use of tools here to create Sacred Space, please understand tools are just that, a tool. As you use them you will find you do not need to use them as often. I have in fact cleared someone using a paper plate and a dollar store synthetic feather. There are many many many tools available for you to use, it is a personal choice. The point is allowing yourself to feel sacred space focusing your intent on a tool, after a while you can do it without the tools to create the same feeling.

What is Clearing? Clearing is creating Sacred Space. In creating Sacred Space you never want anything weighing you down or making you feel less than perfect. Our homes are our personal Sacred Space. It should be a refuge from the world, a place where we feel at home and completely comfortable and at ease to do what we wish when we wish. At times we all carry into our homes all of the luggage we pick up and carry for others. This is called Holding Space. With each interaction we have with others throughout the day we are Holding Space for them. We all often forget to release these energetic attachments we create by Holding Space for others. This is when we need to clear our energetic field and create our Sacred Space.

*** An important note about clearing using tools of any kind*** When asked to do a house blessing or clearing I never ever do this in front of children. The reason for this is children do not understand what is going on. This can create fear which can make the energy even heavier and increase activity that may be going on. When children see you going around and blessing a home (whether it be a shaman, intuitive, lightworker or priest) They do not understand exactly what is happening and this can be confusing and cause them to feel unsafe in the home.

What is Vibration? Your vibration a person’s emotional state, the atmosphere of a place, or the associations of an object, as communicated to and felt by others. Everyone has a vibration they are accustomed to running at. This can be low, high or right in the middle. When it is low you feel like crud. You have little or no hope that anything is ever going to go your way; you may feel angry, anxious and nervous. When it is running higher you feel fantastic, at ease, feel like you can accomplish anything, everything seems to go your way and you receive wonderful gifts from the universe.

Why should we clear? This is simple. We should clear to feel good! No one wants to feel bad or uncomfortable in our Sacred Space (which includes our own energetic field).

When should we clear? When we are feeling low, feeling like we have so much weighing us down, when we are having a difficult time meditating and when we are unable to see clearly through the clouds that tend to occur in life. After an illness, while grieving, loss of any kind including job, friendship, fighting, petty arguments that continue without resolution or any compromise, moving, any stressful time really. What happens during times of stress is our energy field breaks down a bit and it causes holes and tears in our auric field and imbalances in our energy centers (chakras) which allows us to be less positive and more negative. It is way easier to fall into a negative mindset because during times of stress it is extremely hard to find the positive good things happening around us. This falls into the “human nature” category.

How do we clear? I personally use my intuition to scan and search for imbalance in my energy field and personal spaces. Your intuition is key here for setting your intent. In my home my living room and basement picks up a lot of gunk. Those rooms always are the first hint I need to clear. They tend to just feel heavier, the energy is denser and I always think I am feeling or seeing something there. I am. Those two places are our dumping ground. It’s where we release the worries walking in and release doing healing work during meditation.

Many people like to use Sage to clear. I love Sage because it instantly raises my vibration. You can purchase a sage stick or loose sage at a local new age or holistic store. Please make sure you use a fireproof ceramic dish or large bowl. There are many superstitions that go with sage. Sage is dried plant, sometimes it will go out, and sometimes it will plume smoke. Neither of these things means anything. It is how burning plants works, if there is not a constant source of fire plants will extinguish themselves and if there is not a large enough source of oxygen this will happen. I go from room to room, corner to corner saying my blessings and allowing what is stuck a way out by opening windows and doors and pushing the smoke around and out. I use a turkey feather to do this but a paper plate works as well as your hand, the tool you use does not matter, and it is your intent that is doing the work.

You do not need to use sage, other incense works too. I love Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh are other favorites. Use what scent you like. I have heard of times when saging makes things worse in a home, be wary of using tools around people who have a fear of “evil”. The majority of the time what we perceive as evil is the gunk we are creating and leaving around or we pick up from others. It is not evil. Nothing about this is meant to be scary, if you are scaring people you need to calm it down, the goal here is to infuse the situation with love not more fear. Please read the file here titled Angels and Demons.

Many talk about specific things to say as sound is important in healing and clearing. Sound helps to raise the vibration and clear out stagnant energy that tends to cling in the corners where it settles.  There is nothing specific you need to say. This always changes for me each time I clear. Here are some things you can do to incorporate sound.

Humming, ringing a bell, using a rattle all are great ways to move energy as you are pushing it out. You can say a prayer, you can invite only love and light to stay and all negative attachments and cords to be released and sent to the light, you can just have a chat with the energy and tell it where you stand, what you allow and what you don’t. Do what feels right for you. If burning incense does not feel right and banging on a drum or shaking a bell or rattle only feels right then that is the process you should use.

How to keep it up, keep your space clear and keep your vibrations running high: Once you have cleared out the stuck stagnant energy you want to keep it up. Something you can do are crystal placement and healing. Some protective stones I use daily are Black Moonstone, Obsidian and  Selenite (I keep a tower in my bedroom to absorb the emotions I pick up) Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Rose Quarts and Tigers Eye are some of my favorites.

I also like to use water to clear myself. You can take a warm shower or bath and imagine all the stuff you picked up, all the things that do not serve your higher purpose and greater good going right down the drain. You can also raise your vibration with scent during this time using oils such as Lavender or Rose essential oil. They even have Sage Oil available.

It is a good idea to keep up on working on healing and self-growth, if we reach a point of reflection and forgetting to work on our own healing we can run into the issue of feeling stuck which creates a yuck atmosphere. Working on energy with other energy workers or reading for people also we pick up stuff from them so I encourage all energy workers and practitioners to never forget their own work.  Meditation is your friend, release and refuge. Spend plenty of time with your guides and loved ones and higher self. Remember during meditation to send to the light the things we are releasing as many don’t do this and we end up with that stuck stagnant energy hanging around that just reattaches itself to us.

Here is a white light guided meditation: there are many and they are all very similar use this as a guide for writing your own.

Here is another focusing on clearing and aligning your chakras



It is also important to keep your space clear and vibration high by practicing gratitude and practicing the universal law of attraction. These things alone make the difference in our lives and raise us up to heights we never thought possible. Keep a journal and write down 5 things every day you are grateful for. It does not matter how small they seem because when everything is combined you start to see how much we do have to be grateful for. Along with practicing gratitude learn to live the law of attraction. Simply put, what you send to the universe is what you will receive from her. So if you are grateful for the gifts you have now you will be repaid in many more gifts. If you are not thankful you will be given more things not to be thankful for. Like attracts like. What you send out comes back in three. So send out love, light and kindness. Now sit back and watch the beauty you receive from the universe.

Tracy Malloy 2015