Spirit Animals and Totems

Throughout your spirit journey I am sure you have heard the term Spirit Animal. There are several social networking quizzes you could take that will match you up with an animal bases on your answer to a variety of questions.

This is not the way! While these quizzes are fun and a good laugh your Spirit Animals are a very emotional link.

Why do we have Spirit Animals? Native Americans and Indigenous cultures throughout the world have always been connected to nature. Signs from the Mother Earth and Father Sky were visible everywhere as reminders of a way to live gently. Being one with nature opens up your spirit link, as nature is spirit. Animals constituted a need. A need to eat, a need to keep warm and a need to give thanks for the precious life being taken albeit for a good reason. Animals continue to give messages but it is u to us if we see and hear them or not. As humans do we forget our roots and meld with society. Cardinals are often thought to be loved ones in spirit coming to visit, butterflies often thought to signify change and in some cultures the owl is heralded as an impending death and crows as just plain old bad luck. Got a black cat? You must be a witch. See how we adopt what others say? This is not the case with Spirit Animals.

What do Spirit animals do? Spirit Animals are often with us. We collect totems of them, wear their totems on our clothes and keep them as pets (Please do not keep any wild animal as a pet, wild animals belong in the wild, here you may keep animal totems and figurines of elephants but you do not want to share your bed with an elephant) They are reminders to us what we want to be. This is not about just reading about the animal and forgetting about it. It is a good idea to read and absorb everything you can when a Spirit Animal presents itself to you so that you can merge it into your life. Their message is for you for a reason so it is a good idea to keep their medicine (what the animal teaches) in our minds. If for example a spider totem appears to you it is a very good idea to remember that we create our own path. We weave our lives just as the spider weaves it’s web. This is often a totem that can bite back if it is ignored. You may also notice animals in 3 or 4. This is symbolic as well.

What is the difference between an Animal totem and an animal messenger? A totem or power animal will stay with you for life. These have been assigned to you (you cannot adopt them because you like them) and are with you to give you their medicine for life. You will find there are 1-3 of these based on what type of culture you are dealing with as tradition makes those rules and it will vary depending on whom you are studying with. These animals will reflect your personality.

Messenger animals can come in for several reasons… To help with something you are dealing with, to give a message or a reminder of something you may have forgotten. These can stay with you if you are stubborn need reminders. Some people have messenger animals that stay for quite a long time because they need them to. There again are many views on how many, how long they stay and such but bear that no mind. You need what you need when you need it end of story. There are no rules in spirit. Messenger animals you can adopt. Say for example you need reminding to have fun and enjoy life and get out and play and you recognize this, visit with the Squirrel. He is fun and loving and will help to remind you to see the fun again.

How do I meet my spirit animals?

1) Is there an animal you have always loved and collected?

2) Is there an animal you have a fear of for no reason?

3) have you ever been bitten by an animal or had a very bad experience with it?

4) Is there and animal that constantly crosses your path? Do you have deer grazing in your yard and staying out of the neighbors?

5) Is there an animal you feel you want to know more about?

6) is there an animal people say you remind them of?

7) Do you dream of a certain animal?

Once you answer these questions you can begin your journey. This can be done by reading about the animal and searching on what it’s spirit essence is. But remember this animal once it presents may mean something different for you. There are no rules. Not all messages have to apply to you as well, for me the owl does not remind me to keep my ears and eyes open for prey it naturally allows me to do this all the time. So the Owl as a power animal means something different for me than some interpretations. Meditation and dreams are also a fantastic way to meet your animals but if you do not remember your dreams very long keep a notebook handy to write it down. Spending time with the animal in person can also help to establish a personal connection. If animals visit you ask them what they want to tell you, listen to your thoughts and feelings and enjoy their medicine.

Have fun!

Blessings, Tracy M