Shadow Spirit Animals, an important part of our lessons from the animals

In the world of animals totems I am often asked questions about why they do some negative things like bite us or growl at us during our meditation time with them. What is important to understand is the animals we have a relationship with are part of our higherselves. They are often the shape our higherselves take to make us comfortable. Noone wants to be confronted with a version of ourselves from the past or future, that would surelyfreak us out. So in the shape of animals they can come in comfort and love and share their medicine with us. Its important to note that as I see this as a version of myself I need to be aware of, there are aspects of ourselves we don’t like and things we know we should do that we ignore. Hence the shadow. Those things we ignore, those parts of ourselves we hide from the world and ourselves. Shadow animals can show as an animal or insect that we habe being bitten, attacked, are allergic to or just plain terrified of. Sometimes we have no idea we are terrified of things until we are face to face with them during a meditation or healing. These animals that hold our deepest fears can take the most terrifying thing and make it reality. Are you afraid of spiders? This is a shadow animal for me. I always need to be reminded that I am in control of my fate, I weave my life as I want it to be. Thise that love spiders (eww yes there are those people ) are natural at creating their own destinies and are great at manifesting. So as a shadow animal its opposite for me, not impossible but something I need to work at. Sometimes people will ask why did my animal bite me or scratch me? As with real animals if a spirit animal is being ignored and you are questioningsomething they may strike out to give you a warning. I always advise to revisit the message and see what they need to do and where it applies in life. Sometimes during a reading I will see an animal with someone in a photo. Depending on where it presents It may be a shadow animal which means the message is one thst they struggle with. It is advised to check the message for what medicine the animal has and advice it has to offer to help with the situation. Animals come and go in shadow depending on what you need help with. I have an owl and a bat (and many others I work with) their messages are similar as is frequency the case with shadow animals. They are yin and yang, both good and working together and also fighting. One is the hunter and one the prey. As someone who is working on the shadow to work through inner personal deep down stuff this is not surprising and is bound to happen. I have a tendancy to knock myself down and not have faith. These are my wolves. Shadow animals can also shown during healings and as you are working in healing these can change from a big growling scary animal to the sweetest version you can ever imagine. This is you getting your fear under control, and it the most awesome transformation you can witness. It is growth and progress at its best. Keep a journal and document all experience with animals including dreams and meditation. This is a perfect way to begin to understand their significance in your life and what your higherself is trying to teach you with their wisdom. Blessings Tracy M