Ghost or spirit – whats the difference? 


(C) Energyflows – Taken by Tee at Bluebell Hill, Kent, UK


Some will say they are but the same but they are actually very different.

I ghost is a recording in time.  It is but an image of energy from the past replaying.  If you happen to be in the right place at the right time you will witness it. You actually need no gift to see a ghost.  You just have to be there at the same point the image replays and if you are then you are very very lucky.A ghost will look exactly how they did at the point of time which is playing. They can be in full form image and therefore look soild or faded and therefore look transparent. But in all cases they will not see you and will not interact with you – as they are not actually there. Thier soul is not with the energy replay.   

This is why you hear of sighing where a ghost walks through people or walls or floats or only the torso is seen.  What is being witnessed is a replay of a scene from a time gone past – the recoding is playing as it did then.  So if there is a wall in the way now they will seem to walk through it.  If there was a stair case or another floor which has now gone they may be seen to fly or float.  If the floor was lower than it is now then you will only see the top half of them.  Ghost can be caught on film and photography. But no one can communicate with a ghost – its like talking to a TV which cannot talk back for either the person or soul is not really there.

A spirit on the other hand – is the soul part of a person whom has gone back to the other side / relm / heaven etc  They can interact with us and the more awake you are the more you will see, hear and feel them.  We talk about it as vibrations – these are energy vibrations – we are all energy at the end of the day.  In order to connect to a spirit our earth bound energy needs to be pure and high.  Different people are at different energy levels so will link in different ways.  But a spirit can be heard, smelts, felt, seen as shadow as well as seen as a solid.

In both cases there is nothing to be sarced of – neither a ghost or a spirit has any special powers. To see a ghost is a wow as your very lucky to be in the right place at the right time. To see a spirit is an amazing gift and comes with nothing but love.

Tee x