Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Soul Flame



The soul mate – the energy of change

A soul mate is not a soul which matches yours and makes you complete, neither do you have just one, as many believe. You have many souls mates in one life time. They are members of your soul family group with an added energy to them. The energy of change.


A soul mate is someone whom comes into your life and changes your path in a significant way – there is a definite before and after with this union, so life is never the same after meeting a soul mate.


Big life lessons can come from a soul mate union. The meeting is often not calm, but profound, in fact it can be very dramatic, intense and crazy – you recognise a soul mate at a soul level and often at first sight – they feel different – you often get a wow with them – a buzz, a energy kick of some kind. These souls are there to teach you a lesson which will be learnt. They can be a friend, teacher, enemy, sibling, even a stranger – not just lovers as many think.


They can be the teacher that taught a lesson so profound it changes the way you think and behave for ever.

It can be a stranger whom helps you out of a life changing experience (ie a rescue)

It can be an enemy whose actions and words change you beyond anything you though capable of.

A lover who causes so much drama, life becomes unbearable. Only for you to come through the other side and see the world in a whole new light.

They can be the person whom you spend years and years in love with only to walk away from at some point.

And of course they can be the love of your life whom you do grow old with, the person whom you go through great joy and great sadness with, learning lesson after lesson.

But in ALL cases the meetings are remarkable meetings – they change your life path forever.


The Twin flame – the energy of reliance

Twin flames are souls whom walk side by side each other, mostly in balance. These are souls whom were once joined in an energy mix, but have grown through life lessons to different energy vibrations. They too are members of your soul family and again you can have more than one twin flame.


You do not meet many of these in a life time. But they are the people whom give you balance and comfort but can also challenge you in the right way – ie they are the friend whom does not tell you what to do, but makes a point to make you think about what your doing.


They are your best friends from school whom you are still in touch with 60 years later.


These are people whom you worked with 30 years ago


Family members whom you feel calm and connected to.

Teachers whom you have learnt so much from.

These people are the handful of souls whom are true to your heart, whom are there for you come what may, even if you have not spoken for months. There is no drama in these meetings. There can be challenges and discussions, but never a true argument of right and wrong. There is too much respect for each other to fall out over silly things. These are blood brothers whom you have full trust with. People whom know you inside out, good and bad, yet make no judgement on you.


A soul flame – the energy of one

A soul flame is very different – there is only one whom you match with and many do not link back in every life time. So a link up is very rare and special and is felt to the core, within a short time of meeting- all seven energy centers link with this paring – head, communication, heart/healing, trust, protection – mind, heart, body and soul – the link is a calming one. One of balance and no drama.


The energy blend is unique and can be felt as ‘different’ by both parties. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a boring union in the pow aspect – in fact the sexual chemistry is very powerful. And its not always all hearts and roses, there will be challenges along the way – but this union do not fight right from wrong – they work together to understand and to fix any issues. Often in a calm manner.


These are souls which were once one; so they will have had a shared past life which is the same as they were the same person – the energy is split in to two and comes back to the earth plain to learn and rejoin.


The coming together again is for the purpose of mankind and not a personal level gain, ie both rejoin to benefit others over themselves.


The blend is a complete blend, a merge of one. (It is what many believe a soul mate is)


This an enviable union to others, which the couple do not see, for they are balanced and giving to others too, they do not court drama, or stress. They have the beautiful ability to be as one.


The energy which radiates from them can be felt by others – so they have an amazing calming effect around those around them – no stress, no drama, just being.


Tee x