Empaths and giving readings: why feeling is important too.

Empathy is often something we don’t see as a gift. Why?

When you can tune into any energy, without seeing or hearing this is a true connection. Your not making it up. Those of us who are Empaths know our feelings ring true at one point or another.

We learn how to protect and sheild but what makes you skilled at empathy is being able to fine tune the dial. When is it to much, turn it down, when you need to tune in turn it up. Again, intend it like a radio dial. Fine tune the volume.

Many say they are not a reader, they are JUST an empath. You have the ability to tune in to any animal, person, spirit or energy. This is why I love photos of rooms. Tuning into the energy of the room and the people who live there gives way more than what you could possibly see.

Don’t trust your eyes, use them with the feels. Don’t trust the hearing, use it with the feels. Validate what you see or hear with feeling.

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