How the journey began

“The path to enlightenment is not a straight one,  Spirituality is a journey many walk alone, yet the steps we take, we take together….”

Energy Flows did not start here… it had its own journey whereby a number of souls –  both earth bound and in spirit – where brought together – these souls are from all around the world and have had amazing stories of their own – following blogs will provide more details of these individual journeys.


Here MJ explains how Energy Flows started….

Energy Flows started life as the Long Island Psychic Medium Circle LIPMC  with a public face on facebook over 3 years ago now  – created by John Colón with a view to teach others about what he knew about the spirit world and energy. I was very drawn to the page as a student and started asking a ton of questions just like you all lol,  and began my development actively and shared what I knew from my lifelong interest in all this and perspective as a teacher. Right around that time John found Tracey, (tee) who as you all know is a most gifted medium and way more. One of the most unconditional people I’ve ever not actually met in the flesh yet!  Tee and her guide JJ Wicks answered the call to teach us all more! I am so grateful to them all!  We all began to collaborate as a group, and our guides intermingled! (we will share some of these truly amazing experiences in this blog over the coming months)

Elizabeth came on the scene to help with the page.  Her wonderful gift was opening around the same time, and with her we’ve had some incredible guide work experiences.  John, Tracey and myself had the pleasure of meeting her guide Wilma, a wonderful woman with an awesome back story!   Janine has been a friend of John’s forever and is also very gifted in seeing spirit and lovingly works with us spreading messages of love and encouragement. She is a woman of true light. Janis our beloved pet psychic, woman of life’s wisdom, and so much more, also has been with us for as long as I can remember. Another beautiful soul, she’s been learning and teaching from her experiences for a long time.  They have helped us with the Facebook page and along with many others people of light who will hopefully all be introduced to you though the blog, as their stories are all unique and wonderful.

We all work hard to keep these Facebook page going and to keep the integrity of the vision our guides have shared with us, and what we teach intact. But as we grew our energy as a group more souls where drawn to us and with almost 1000 members it soon became apparent that more structure and ease of access was required.  We have gained huge amounts of insight from our guides and our own experiences and have a ton of information to share; but these need to be in a format in which others too could find and grow and add to… at this exact time Liz was brought to us and with her help the Energy Flows website and forum was created.

We are all thrilled to have you all on the journey with us, and we believe each of you are here for a reason! There’s so much more to come, stay tuned!