How I got here – John


It all started when I was on the opposite side of this spiritual journey, when I myself suffered the untimely loss of a loved one. I was searching for the answer to why things happen, could I have done something to change the situation and is my loved one alright?

All of these questions led me to my own journey, though I’d had some psychic experiences as a child, for a long time I never put the pieces together. Sure I was receiving signs that we all do – a thought, a song, the cold spots and even dream visitations.

It wasn’t until I had a psychic medium come to my house in a group setting that all things just came together. With the encouragement of my wonderful wife, I attended classes with this respected medium. When I first met my teacher I was a skeptic searching for answers, until she had brought through my grandfather whom I had never met in this lifetime and he told her that I see the dark ones. During those prior few years with self-help books and tapes for psychic development, I was seeing people in my minds eyes – mangled, burnt and disfigured. It scared me and I never spoke about that to anyone but here she was validating something that I held closely inside. I was a skeptic when I came to her, but I was like no way could she have picked up on these things…to say mind-blowing and life altering does not even do it justice!

My teacher recognized my healing ability and during this time my natural gifts unfolded, my healing abilities exploded and a new John was born.

Through the years of being taught the safe ways to bring in spirit by my teacher, I was also being taught by spirit and realized that I was so different from many of my classmates. I have natural abilities for psychic clairvoyance and bi-location which is great tool for remote viewing, protection, healing and energy work. Spirit has given me the tasks of ‘Gatekeeper”, “Master/Teacher” and inducted into “The Brotherhood of Light”. I see all things as energy and how it relates to itself and each other.

I see all things as energy and how it relates to itself and each of us. In the past few years, many people have “found” me which I found odd, because I never publicly came out on the healer market. As I have experienced, when spirit is at work on our behalf they will bring people to you and put you in service.

Along with the gift of clairvoyance, healing is my main strength followed with mediumship, protection, soul crossing and energy attunements. I am able to project myself in spirit form to help evolve current mediums and clairvoyants to the world that sits just beyond their third eyes and further their education. The days of sitting back only to meet in the middle with spirit are long gone and I hope to change that in my approach to healing, and in helping other lightworkers to evolve. I am the founder of the LIPMC facebook page that has evolved into this forum Energy Flows, and I currently teach and help develop their gifts.

John x