How I got here – Tee

My personal journey has been with me like many others since birth – I met my first full form spirit when I was only 5 years old, although my mother informs me I was doing ‘odd’ stuff since a baby. This little boy was my first step to awareness. An enlightenment which has taken decades to truly understand – and I am still learning.

 I have countless experiences along the way; yet even as a natural born medium I still hid my gift for many years, until spirit had other ideas lol.  In 2006 I was blessed to become earth mother to twins; this was to become a start of a whole new life for me here on earth.  Shortly after giving birth I had an OBE and saw the light – but I was sent back…. not fully healthy for sure and have had a 5 year battle with a rare migraine condition. (That’s another long story)  But part of my healing process brought me to meditation, yet as I meditated in order to free my mind from working to cut the pain of the migraines, I also began to open the doors to the spirit world once more.

It became apparent that I could no longer hide the gift I had and that it was time to embrace it. I myself then met with a a local medium whom confirmed my gift as soon as I walked in the door and she introduced me to a local development circle. It was with this group of wonderful people that I discovered I was not alone in the journey I had walked…. with them I met my main guide JJ Wick. A 15 Century cannon from Austria.  Me being me – a very analytic person at times I wanted proof… and via meditation he gave me names, dates, places and events all of which I have been able to research and prove since.

Then one night it became evident that I had outgrown the beginners circle I was in and whilst talking to Wick I asked him to bring me a new circle – a true circle one with with no head – one which brings people together to share and grow together – there followed a whirlwind of 24hrs where I finally met John….. or more correctly John found me….my intentions then where purely to practice quietly and learn via experience and so I sat for a few nights reading photos of loved ones past and I discovered that you can reach a person whom you wish to talk to, you can read long distance and from a photo – its all energy.

Again I had no intentions of teaching – but spirit I have learnt have other ideas and here I am today ……. I am a natural born direct link to source medium – I understand that now.. and whilst I believe and trust in the teachers out there – I will not take anything on face value unless I have experienced myself – the best teacher I have had has been my spirit guide JJ Wick. Whom I share an unusual relationship with – part of my soul journey pact was to help him to become a guide and in doing so I am able to send him to others, so many of the group have met him and seen him in person.  He is a funny lovely man whom I adore… whom stands next to me now smiling as I write this – something I would said I would never do,   for I do not publicly promote my gift nor do I sell it.

People cross my path on a daily basis – and I give freely to help, comfort and guide.

My style is one of love and warmth and I ask nothing in return.

 Tee x