Energy Shift as we Transcend

As a recent friend passed away  and transitioned into spirit, I have been helping those left behind have an understanding of the process. The question came about is if this person had crossed as they were not able to feel their presence around any longer. My reply is as follows:hand transition copy

Crossed over is a vague term. That many people think they either go to heaven or are stuck. I am made aware that we transition into different frequencies of energy. When we reside in our bodies we are running two operating systems. One that controls our physical incarnation whilst our spirit consciousness/soul operates the subroutines weaving in and out of both spectrum’s or energetic dimensions to create balance in both. When we first step out of our physical selves we carry most of the physical energy with us as we pull what is interwoven in our fields. We retain our personality traits because they are us. They will be felt more in a physical sensation because they are nearest to that frequency of 3D matter. That is why you will experience the cold/warmth of their energy stepping into Your energy field. After a while they will settle more Into spirit phase which will seem less likely to be felt but as their energy moves into a more natural state of existence, unless we practice ourselves on how to modulate our own energy at will, it will seem as if we have lost the connection. I can assure you we have not lost anything but the perception of our immediate physical sensation towards our loved Ones. That is why after they transition back to spirit more so they reach out in visitation dreams or thought process’ because the next level that we are able to have an interaction is through our natural unblocked State of energetic reception. See, we are no different from where they are at anytime. We just have to allow ourselves to shift energy wise to a compatible channel. Mediums can shift their awareness into this state at will, which I believe is just a sidestep out of oneself. Healers can also have interactions as mediums as we consciously channel and change energy in physical and spiritual states. So the answer to your question is he is indeed transitioned into spirit the moment he left his body. As we release the physical energy still housed in our spiritual field, the energy that was dense becomes lighter and lighter. What this means is that the connections change from physical interactions to mental interactions. To know when loved ones step in to say hi, notice if you were consciously thinking about them or was is a subtle thought from the ether. If you were missing them and thinking of them I would Say that you were creating that memory-longing. If you were meditating and created your scene of a beach and listened to the waves crashing, feeling a slight wind and the warmth of the sun, you are Shifting your Awareness that vibrational state of spirit. Therefore allowing space without that thought construct or value of your loved ones and if they poked through for a moment, that you’ll indeed be in contact because you didn’t invoke a memory value of them to be there. We when in our natural spiritual-God state feel the connection of love, compassion and belonging. It is our own mind ego construct that separates us.

Energetically Sent from me to you<3