Words of Wisdom from Silver Birch

The root of the whole trouble is that at the control of human affairs are not the laws of spirit and their application, but fear and greed, envy and selfishness and the lust for power. There is, unfortunately, not the desire amongst all to serve one another, to live in harmony and peace, but to aggrandise one nation above the other, to enrich one class at the expense of the other. The systems that still rule are founded on the philosophy of materialism, even though the name may have been, to some extent, abandoned . People declare that wealth and rank and colour take pride of place. They try to fashion their systems upon these physical foundations; they ignore the eternal realities. They attempt to judge the whole of life by that small fraction of it which is seen and heard and touched and tasted , in fact, just that infinitesimal fragment which is cognised by the physical senses. “But life is greater than matter and man is more than clay and dust. Life is not to be understood in terms of chemistry or medicine or atoms. The riddle of life is not solved in the laboratories of science ; neither can the soul be found with a scalpel nor analysed by any chemical means. Life eludes all attempts at material explanation . And yet, throughout the whole world of matter, the majority of mankind live in complete divorce from the eternal, spiritual realities. The majority of mankind attempt to ignore the vital facts, the facts which make all life possible. The whole of your world exists because of spirit, and you yourself owe your existence to spirit. “Reality is not to be found in matter, neither is it to be discovered within your bodily frame . The seed of existence is not to be located within any bodily organ . You are spiritual beings now. You do not attain spiritual natures by coming to our world. From the moment of conception you are spiritual beings and there is nothing that you can do to cut yourselves off from that reality which enables you to live. The whole of your world exists because of spirit. Without spirit there is no life, for life is spirit and spirit is life.

Spirit Guide -Silver Birch