Grounding and clearing your energy using intent.

A quick grounding exercise that can be done anywhere, even in the car when anxiety hits.

Start by sitting up as straight as possible.

Asking to be connected to the universal energy and your own energy feild. Intend to feel the energy coming down into your Crown chakra (the top of your head). You may visualize a light streaming down to connect to your energy aura. Pull the energy from your crown into your Brow chakra (just between the eyes), move it down into your Throat chakra. Here you may start to feel the energy a bit stronger as we are connected more to the lower chakras as humans. When ready move the energy into your heart chakra and allow it to open. Next move the energy into your Solar Plexus chakra(the top of the stomach) next the Sacral chakra(about where your reproductive organs are) and finally the Root chakra (about the base of the spine). Once the energy hits the root chakra allow it to flow down into the earth and attach it self somehow. I like to envision claws attaching to the earth but many like to use tree roots or an anchor.
At this point be sure to keep rooted but move the energy back up through the chakras and create a loop up and down.
If at any chakra point you feel resistance in moving forward concentrate the energy and intend that the chakra be open and visualize a swirling light beaming outwards. This is how you can clear your own emotional blocks.
-Tracy M