A journey into the Akasha: Is there a hell?



When confronted with a question I often like to venture in the Akasha to ask. All the answers are there if you are ready for them. All are channeled to me through my connection to the divine and the Akashic energy. The following was in response to a post my a well known medium in which he described Hell, the various people younwould find there and how to avoid it. Statements in parentheses are my questions and responses.

(Is there a hell?)

Is there a Hell, no. But there can be pain in the review process and planning process which takes place firstly and after being greeted by love and support. Is in essense a self imposed hell as we are still not shed of our earthly human existence. We do carry that with us, always there, always available when the knowledge is needed. Some will place themselves in a hell like state but not because they need to be there, but because they feel they deserve to be there. This would be considered a healing state. Some souls need to be assured that they are safe. The time is different for all. But they are free to come and go from this state as needed. There are instances where the soul may never again remember atrocities they have commited. This is because in their heightened state they can not bare to remember it. This is their choice. They played their part and it is over. The creator is the essense of creation.


Whenthere is intelligence there will be a need to create, to go on. A need for survival. It is not one, but a conglomerate. It came from a neeed to create a safe space. A safe space from outside forces. The outside forces are the facimile of god. We {humans} created heaven and hell. Neither fully exist. We try to comprehend something that can be incomprehensible. Our human brains have the capacity to create what we need. Even this is the brains need to understand.

(So this is all in my head?)

This is you understanding that the answers are always there, within. Activating parts if a greater knowledge that is accessible to all.

(I can litterally feel the back of my brain vibrating)

Higher consciousness is a shared level of experience, upside of what many function on.

(What is the greater knowledge )

that we are in essense – nothing and everything.

( I don’t understand )

we are never truly anywhere but we are everywhere

(ok, timelines on top of each other )

our energy exists throughout time and space. This is all happening at once. This specific energy imprint is where the healing starts at physical death.

(So, basically we are not reincarnated, we just exist in a different time and space)

Thats a tough one to swallow.

(Whats the damn point of this then?)


(What are we expanding to)



🕉🌈 Tracy