The 12 Immutable Laws of the Universe

Below are a series of live video’s from our Facebook development group. In my experience over the last 8 months of researching and picking apart these Laws of the Universe, putting into action the 5 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and visiting my own Akashic Records, I have been able to manifest what I need and desire in life. Every one of these Laws works with another… There is some debate over contradiction and I do address that in some of these video’s. Please keep in mind this is my interpretation of only 12 of the Laws of Attraction, You may agree, disagree or you may be more of Perception of Reality type of person and totally disregard ALL of these Laws in favor of another viewpoint. The Law of Attraction focuses on using our intent to change our world and being active in the changes and the Perception of Reality viewpoint emphasizes that nothing changes, we just decide to see it differently. None of this is wrong, it is just a personal preference based on our experience and background.