Time heals all wounds


It is said “time heals all wounds”

How many times have you heard “oh, give it time It’ll get better?” That is one of the most misused statements of all times. Time in its-self does not make it all better. Trusting time will take care of it for you can lead to physical and mental illness, addictions, resentment and anger. You can not bury your hurts and forget them, Yes, our mind and body will protect us from traumatic events, it will suppress the event deep into our subconscious mind tucked away neatly, but, only until we can deal with it on a conscious level.

You and only you can help yourself. Our loved ones, our friends, and even the medical professionals can assist you. However, you alone must do the work. You must dig within yourself and feel, forgive, and release…..
Think of this analogy. Those pesky weeds in your beautifully landscaped yard. You have spent hundreds of dollars on fertilizer, weed killer, professional lawn care companies and yet they just keep coming up.. Why you ask? Because you didn’t get to the “root” of the problem. So what options do you have? Only one thing to do. Get down dig deep get to the root. Dig it up deal with it and get rid of it.

“The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” Franklin D. Roosevelt

“But, I’m afraid It will hurt” Of course it is going to hurt all over again, isn’t that the reason you pushed it out initially? However, you are strong, you are powerful, and you are now ready to heal. You are now ready to live the life that the Universe intended for you. Your God given Birth Right of happiness, gratitude, and fulfillment.
Let us help you help yourself. You already have the tools we can support you and teach you how to use them.

Love and Light