Anxiety and Mediumship

Why is it that anxiety is cloaked in mediumship. Often it seems that instantaneous bouts of anxiety surface with the possibility of spirit interaction. During readings if you are unable to channel the energy in a safe way with a overload protection, it can make you overload in a sense that your legs or hands need to move or displace that built up energy within your cells of your physical makeup. Energy is present in everything and when we excite the movement of it – it has a natural tendency to become bigger than it’s container. Think of the old fashioned steam engines. There is a certain container for water which is heated up – it has to escape it’s container otherwise it will explode. Always ask yourself – is this mine or is it not. Then you might have a better handle on it’s origin. To find a healthy way to displace or change how it’s affecting you.

Energetically sent by JC