Do you need magic to see magic?….Deviation tools, rituals and the power of intent.

The practice of spiritual development or awakening seems to have been shrouded in years of mystery and ritual. But at the source it really is simply about being aware of yourself and what’s around you. There is no mystery to the magic – its simple the more you are aware the more you see – its as natural as breathing – we all do it – but if your aware of your breathing you feel more benefit for it. (See breathing exercise below)

We are all born from the same place – which I call source – you agree to come here to the psychical form in order to learn and grow via lessons which you have agreed to learn prior to coming here – many of these are to do with feelings. But this path is not a set one and as you go along it you will met with junctions at which point you will decide which route to take. If the lesson which you have agreed to learn is not learnt that lesson will repeat. And you will find yourself at junctions again and again. This is all from the universal law of free will and thought. The way you look at a problem or decision will often determine the amount of stress you put yourself through in order to make that decision .

We often under estimate the power we hold inside us in the form of our thoughts – which is our intention…. Or the power of intent

A negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity and a positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.

This is also true when it comes to the way in which you go about your spiritual practice and growth. We still shroud this with mystery and ritual when really all that is needed is good intent However, most of us start our spiritual awakening later on in life – not many if at all any of us where taught this as a child – even though many of us were aware of it as a child – it was not part of the schooling we had.

The problem comes that often lots of other things which counteract this where part of our learning – therefore a lot of the beginning practice is about forgetting what we have learnt in order to become more aware again – its difficult. But as a child and young adult you will have been subjected to history and media and peers and learnt lots of things about what beginning spiritual is all about and what you need to do in order to gain awakening. When the simple thing is all you need to do is sit still and be aware.

So in order to help those going through this process a number of rituals and tools have come to be used over the years. What is going to be hard to understand for anyone whom is starting out on this awareness path is that in fact you do not need any of these tools for the end purpose but you may find them helpful in order to get you to a point of confidence and trust within your self. It’s a bit like walking – at first you hold someone’s hand and then you hold a baby walker and then you let the support go and walk free.

So yes tools and rituals are all part of the awareness journey – but none of them hold the magic key – you do not NEED any of them but you may WANT to use them. In all honestly you do not need to sit with your feet flat on the floor in order for the energy to flow – the energy is all around you it is part of you. You do not need to have your hands palms up or palms down – the energy flows through you. You do not need to imagine a lotus flower on your head or your third eye opening up – you could imagine a baboon on your head for all the magic it holds. You do not need to light a candle or say a pray. You do not need to sage a room or place salt by the door. You do not need to wash in Epsom salts or throw holy water around – you do not need tarot cards, or ribbons or crystal balls, runes or mirrors. All of these tools and rituals are man made and have no magic power to form a link with those loved ones past – but by doing any of these things you are setting your intent in order to be open to that what is naturally around you. And if sitting in a certain way, after sageing a room and saying a pray; with an imaginary lotus flower on your head helps you relax and clear your mind then so be it. They are just tool to enables you to quiet the mind in order to become more aware and set your intention.

Simple sitting as you would normally sit and breathing gently and clearing your mind is just as effective as all the tools in the book.

But getting to this stage takes time, so that’s why the tools and rituals are there – but please be mindful that these are stepping stones and one day you will come to a point where you understand that you do not need then and the true power is within you and your thoughts.


Tee xx



You all breath right????? – your doing it now…. Lol

But unless your aware of your breathing you may not be feeling the benefits of it.

You all breath different. Try this and see how it feels.

Sit comfortable for you. Close your eyes and become aware of your breathing. Feel the warm air going in and the cool air coming out. If you can breath only from your nose do so.

As you become aware of your breathing and it going in and going out – you will naturally take a deeper breath 🙂

Now that you have that awareness – play with it and see how you feel.

Breath from your tummy – become aware of your tummy and breath in – you will naturally breath deep – feel your tummy expand – feel the air going in cool and coming out warm. How do you feel?

Now move your attention to your rib cage and breath again – you will notice your breath is shorter. Again how do you feel?

Now move your attention to your chest – inline with your heart and breath from here. How does this one feel?

This is where you breath from most of the time – your chest area – once you are aware of this – it will feel wrong. You will no doubt feel the shallowness of this kind of breath and may even feel dizzy from it and naturally breath deeper again. Do so… go back to that tummy area and breath from there. Deep deeper breaths – feel it going in cool and coming out warm. Keep doing this and you will slowly naturally feel your breaths becoming longer and deeper and slower and you will start to relax.

This simple breathing awareness is a good way to quieten the mind. Its simple and effective – the more your aware of your breath – the life force that keeps you here – the more you benefit from it xx