Do I See Dead People?

Here is a conversation I have had more times than I’d like to count. You see, according to movies and television, I see dead people. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not too far off. However, do I actually see dead people? No. The people I see are not dead, not really. They are just…no longer in our physical awareness. I mean, technically they are, but we’re not getting technical today. So…not dead, just no longer in our physically manifested environment.

Let me explain.

Let us start with energy. Everything is energy. We learn this in school. Some really amazingly smart people discovered this and shared it with us so there is no need to debate that point, am I right? Good. Here is where some tend to have a bit of brain fog. That ‘everything’ those really amazingly awesomely smart people were talking about? They mean us, too. Yeah. Us. Humans.

WE are energy.

Just like everything else around us.

Some other really amazingly awesomely spiritually smart people have explained it like this. You (and I) are not a body. We are not a mind. We have a body and we have a mind. Our body and our mind help us live and navigate our physical surroundings. We are spirit in a manifested physical body so we may have a physical existence containing human emotion.

Are you still with me?

I’ll go one step further. Our emotions help us learn. When we learn, we evolve. When we evolve, we learn some more. When we learn some more? That’s right. We evolve. Notice a pattern here? We are on this really amazingly awesomely spiritually enlightening physical expedition that does not end until the day our bodies die. Notice I said bodies. WE do not die, we CHANGE.

A beautiful example that an amazingly awesomely spiritually enlighteningly beautiful mentor shared with me (and probably all of you!) is that we are like water. If you think about water, it comes in many forms: solid, powdery, slush, vapor, and liquid, for example. You can see it as ice and snow, puddles and pools, rivers and streams, lakes, fog and mist, droplets of rain, a slushy slippery mess in winter, a thick heavy humidity in summer…so many different shapes and forms. Just like people.

In our physical existence we are like ice; solid. All physical senses are available to us – taste, touch, feel, smell, hearing, knowing. This is our tool bag. We carry it around like a doctor or plumber in the form of a physical body to help navigate this existence and link us to emotion. Emotion? Yep, emotion. There is a really awesome article on the site called This Journey We Call Life – Why Are We Here? by Tee that explains it better than I ever could. I recommend you take time and read it if you have not.

Anyhow, once we are no longer physical and we do that thing we call die, we are like vapor. No more physical senses. No more returning to form – for those who have remembered that we are not only a physical body (hello fellow astral travellers! **enthusiastic maniacal waving**). In my understanding there is only one emotion in this form. THE emotion. You know the one. Yep. LOVE.

Now, I am not saying once we leave physical form our work is done. Not by a long shot, sorry to disappoint. What I am saying is it’s all about the love, baby. But I’m getting sidetracked…

Where was I? Oh yeah.

In our massless, unrestrained form, we are like vapor. In our prettily contained mass, we are like ice. At our core we are still the same, just with different packaging. You are still you and I am still me, whether in this body or not.

Okay. What does that mean?

Glad you asked! What it means is while in this massless state we say someone is in ‘spirit’. It also means all of us in prettily contained masses have the ability to interact with spirit whether there is a physical body or not. Physical body or not meaning anyone who has passed, coma patients, those who can astral project: all examples of spirit that can communicate with us physical peeps. But that’s a topic for another day.

What can I say? I’m easily distracted. Moving on…

Anyone in spirit without a physical body will not stop trying to communicate with you just because you cannot touch them. They will try and when they do make themselves known – through mediums or by knocking over your favorite photo of them, whatever works – they will use the most familiar way possible; which is why you will hear from dear Aunt Sally, Grandma Rosie, or funny Uncle Bob, or any thing/place/person who reminds you of them. Of course, receiving their message can sometimes be like a bad game of telephone…again, another topic for another day…

Anyways…I’m sure none of this is anything you haven’t heard before. Do I see dead people? Not exactly. Take it from all the amazingly awesomely spiritually enlighteningly beautifully gifted mentors and people who have shared their knowledge and experience with me…and now you.

So, do you see dead people?