Q&A How do you make a connection?

The beauty of being in spirit is freedom and being able to interact on a more global scale. Instead of being in one place we are able to interact with many. In our development towards embracing our spirit self, those barriers are broken which limit us to one place. so for a test. take two people and focus on them, send them a ” thought cell phone call” tell them that you are thinking about them and wish to hear from them. Try one living and one whom is crossed over. Depending on how strong your signal and intent is will result in the speed of reception and return

Why do we receive songs as messages from loved ones? Many time we are driving along in the car or around the house and suddenly a song appears on the radio that remind us of a loved one either living or crossed over. Why does that happen? What made us turn the station channel? You think or rationalize it away but could it be just that it is on the currently playlist of the radio station as a top 100? What if it was an “oldie “that is not in the media markets but a good old song that transports you back in time to reflect on a certain time period amongst friends. Most often the words of the song tell a story or evoke feelings in regards to that person we love. Since I work with energy and think outside of the box I can offer my interpretation of why that may happen. You can choose to deeply think about the simplicity of this interaction and see if my idea follows suit.

In my mind. Since I work with channeling energies and am able to draw energy from all things, there is a conversion process that happens. Your mind is a super computer and body a biochemical reactor that everything we see, touch, feel, smell or taste gets converted to an electrical impulse or data file that we can recall at will. I am sure as you read this that you can think about sitting outside on a blanket in the grass under a tree, there is a slight breeze in the air, you can hear the birds and you can feel the warmth of the sun.

If you were able to sense those words with a feeling of the elemental climate, or able to place yourself there. You converted or recalled that piece of data and created a living environment in your head that pulled all of the characteristics that you have added to that word or experience. Where is all of this leading you’re probably asking yourself…..It’s plain and simple. Since we know that spirit energy ( our guides and loved ones) are pure energy with a consciousness, they trigger the recall in your minds to get you to intuitively think about something concerning them. This also happens with living people ( since we too are made up of the same spirit energy ) If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will try and clarify. Have a splendid day and live your dreams


“Did you know that translating messages from spirit is like translating a foreign language, where each individual spirit has their own definition of symbols? That is why a reader has the difficult job of trying to translate the symbols and messages their receive from the spirit. So when a reader says I see a ring, for example, it could be symbolic of a ring someone has of theirs or could mean engagement or marriage. Think of the messages you get from the reader. It may not come thru with the proper translation, but the symbols are correct. Think of how it might apply.” –Tiffany

When we are reading someone with a Spirit Link

( getting the information from Spirit) we must keep our Aura pushed out as far as we feel comfortable. We set our intention with our Spirit Guides and ask them to come closer to us. This is usually behind us on our right side. Our Spirit guides will go and get the person in Spirit and they will bring them to us. Sometimes we cannot get a Link so don’t discourage yourself. There is a reason for this for your guides know this and they can see with Spirit Eyes. When you read someone and you get a ” NO” answer we tend to bring our Aura back close to our body. You must try keeping your vibration higher by breathing your Aura out again into the White Light and keeping it there. Your Guides will lower their vibrations to meet yours at the Middle( hence the word Mediumship is born). If you get a symbol and you are not sure just ” Ask” to clarify it for you. They will do this for you because you are their Medium. We must also remember that when we are reading a person it is always best to have a Medium read one at a time. I have noticed that multiple people “Jump” into a reading. Out of respect for that Medium you must wait until he/ she has finished giving their message. When we cut each other off then it is harder to tune into that Spirit again. You must keep the vibration going until you are finished and then another Developing Medium can try tuning into that Spirit. Please be aware of this and your readings should improve. Your Guides will never bring to you any Spirit that is of lower energy. If you sense there is something wrong then this is your Guides letting you know this, and don’t continue with the reading and immediately shut yourself off. For myself I would get a headache and this is my Guides letting me know there is something wrong and I take a step back. Trust yourself and give out what you get. I will give you an example:

My wife’s cousin had gone on a trip to Kansas. On her way home she got sick on the plane. She was getting worse while at home and Doctors couldn’t figure it out. My wife had asked me what I thought it was and all of a sudden I saw “Betty Boop”. I thought to myself what does that cartoon character had to do with her illness. My breathing was labored and I knew it was with the chest area. It turned out to be ” BOOP”. Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia. So always give out what you get no matter how insignificant it is for you.   -€RbnQ

Gifts come from an early age but are almost never encouraged – but spirit in time will make contact and we have boxed these into clairs 

They use ALL your senses, and its up to you to what your comfortable with – first contact as a child is often in full form and seen as normal as a child – I myself recall seeing a boy in my room as a small child and my daughter was talking to ‘air’ from around 3 years old. Often these first contacts are blocked as we grow and our anxiety grows.  (see grounding)

Dreams tend to come check, where spirit will try to make contact just before you go to sleep. But then signs are just as apparent – small things like feathers . But songs words repeat numbers – anything which draws your attention and make reminds you or prompts you to think of a loved one.   But most awakenings go through all the clair – sense, touch, smell, touch, hearing, seeing, and knowing – symbols are often used to. Its all about your journey and  which clair you are most comfortable with – enjoy your path  x

I have been through all the clairs – they just happened – the more I meditated and learnt how to switch my human mind off the more open I become – then I tested myself – I would read and read and read for people – go on paranormal investigation ans test my knowing with historians  – set no goals, just trust and flow .  Join the main group on Facebook and test yourself there – Tee x