POEM – The wait is over.. Written By Aurora Luna Griggs

The wait is over.. Written By Our very Own talented, gifted and beautiful Aurora Luna Griggs 

The wait is over, the time is now,
There is no need to know just how,
But rather faith, to know that you
Create it all, in all you do.
No more the victim, no more hate,
No more pain, dis-eases to create.
You direct the tides that come,
You allow what blocks your sun.
You can accept and ride the tide,
Or you can choose the darker side.

We’re all connected in this time,
A quantum link of an energetic kind.
Collectively, we vibrate as a sound,
Heard in the Universe and amongst the clouds.
Other worlds are standing by,
Hoping we can master our minds.
Our thoughts are the planet where we live,
The address can be powerless if we give,
The power that we have away,
To vibrations of fear and dismay.

But I know somewhere deep inside,
That we were meant to ENJOY the ride!
Our thoughts and feelings WE control,
NO other has power over our soul.
And as I command my powerful ship,
I plot a course with dreams of trips,
To foreign lands where flowers bloom,
And love is the language shared
Under the full moon.

Where children and Elders love Mother Earth,
Where humanity experiences total rebirth.
Where light becomes the source of all knowing,
Where intuition guides us to where we are going.
There will be peace, there will be love,
Though the journey seems long and never done.
I promise you, the day will come,
When love reins supreme and peace becomes. . .
All there is for ever more.

Let’s start now and open the door,
To the possibilities of joy and light,
That each soul has the power to create,
In grace, in a perfect way and by Divine right.

~Blessings, Aurora