Could your child be gifted?

If you are reading this and have a child then I suspect you are already have your suspicions and actual know the answer in your heart…

But the bottom line to this question is yes – every soul on this earth plane has a link back to source – (the spirit plane) the question should be how open they are to it?

A child has not long left the spirit plane and therefore has a much stronger ability to still be in contact with it.  As it is a pure link which, has not yet been clouded by the many teachings of this Earth plane, but of course soul’s come back at many energy levels so of course some children will seem more gifted than others.

A child who is strongly gifted will have been showing signs from birth (and in some cases like my own daughter whilst in the womb)

You may notice as babies that they seem to smile and interact at nothing- for example my own daughter as a baby would turn and smile in the other direction at thin air- even when I was breast feeding her. You may find that electrical items seem to turn on and off around them.  And if you are gifted yourself you will see it in their eyes –old souls are easy to see via the eyes. Or you may get an extra warm tingle when holding them (this is hard with your own child as a parents love produces this to) But you may find that you get this when holding other people’s children.

As they grow a little older, you may start to see them talking and playing with someone whom you cannot see.

They may have what you think is an imaginary friend (go careful with this one as they may well have) In broad general terms an imaginary friend goes everywhere with the child and is often the one blamed if things go wrong. The daily routine of the child will always include the imagine friend ie dinner times – food will be liked or disliked dependent on the views of said imaginary friend. They tend to be linked to single children whom do not have a large circle of friends so have a void to fill. Or they show up in times of stress e.g. a house move.  There is nothing wrong with an imaginary friend and they can be quite fun.  But they are not spirit.  If you wish to read more on imaginary friend look up Professor Marjorie Taylor – she one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject and author of “Imaginary Companions and the Children Who Create Them”

So when is it spirit contact?

Often a small child will talk about a family member whom has passed as if they were just there playing with them. You will find that the contact is not daily but it could happen for short bursts of time – It quite normal and safe – Just because the family member has gone does not mean they do not love the child. These are nice experiences for a child to have. If you wish to check this you could show the child a photo and get them to confirm that is the person they are playing with (Just remember a family member can come back in many age forms)  – See how to react below for further help.

Some small children can also see their guides and other spirits. My own daughter met her guide at 3 yrs. old. Now if it’s a guide they will show up from time to time around the child in different settings I.e. home and school. But this will not be a daily occurrence and they certainly will not talk about their likes and dislikes like they do an imaginary friend.  You may also find a small child only talks to someone in one location. I.e. at their home or a grandparents home. These tend to be spirit which are linked to the energy field of that place i.e. the house and therefore only interact at that place.

As a child grows their gift will become stronger (unless they have blocked it – see below) and you may find that they interact or see people in places as a one off.  For example at 6 yrs old my daughter asked why there was a policeman in the toilets of a restaurant – Of course I went rushing in to find no one (although I felt an energy change at the door) no one was there.  I asked the restaurant owner about the history of the building and yes it once was a police station.

As a child gets older – their guides will start to make the link stronger and will test what the child is comfortable with – like they do with adults – for example older children may also start to see colours around things – i.e. auras or have vivid prediction dreams. Hear voices or just know things. These may not be medium ship skills but they are all gifts – their guides are trying to test what form of communication is best for the child and them.  Have a look at different types of clairvoyance in the files – just because a child is young does not mean they do not have a strong gift in any of these.  And you do not get them in a set order. It’s no competition and gifts may come and go as the child grows.

Please be reassured that a guide’s job is the same as yours – they are there to help protect and guide the child as they grow. But the control is with the child and not the guide.

How to help a child

Now this is the important from day one- the way you react to anything you feel is spirit will set the seeds on how that child will react in the future.  You all should know if you see a spider and jump then the child sees your fear and will react in the same way.

This is the same with spirit – thankfully more and more gifted parents are here bringing up gifted children.

The one thing I really want everyone to understand is that spirit contact IS NORMAL…. Please read my notes on angels and demons is you are worried.  But the veil between the 2 planes is getting thinner as each generation arrives. Science is beginning to recognize this energy and one day it will be proved by science.  More and more children are being born to gifted parents, whom understand the ridicule they went through. So are beginning to teach their children differently. But still there are many whom do not understand and treat this as something bad.

We are all energy, we are all linked, and we are in fact souls only here to experience the psychical world and learn and therefore grow.  We all come with a set lesson plan which have agreed and signed before we come – the lessons are often feeling we wish to experience. We do not come here alone. We come with a guide – a person whom we have agreed to work with once here. This soul guides you through these lessons – but you have to choose the path. You may never meet your guide but that does not mean they are not there.

So I suspect if you have a gifted child then you or your parents were gifted too = where or not you used it.

However, many parents get worried about something that they may not understand – and that is why you’re reading this lol.  What is very important is that you teach your child that they are normal, the gift is beautiful and they are in control. A gifted child will not by any different to any other child in view of their learning or social skills. It will not effect any other part of their live. The only thing to effect this is the way others react.

If at any time a child becomes uncomfortable with this then you need to give guidance = let them know there is nothing to be afraid of but they have control. (But remember people are people and just that nothing with special powers. But anyone who was a git on this plane last will not have become a saint when they move back to the spirit plane.)  If a child or you are uncomfortable with the contact = you simple ask for it to stop.  Tell the child they have a guide whom they can talk to and tell the guide to stop the contact which is uncomfortable. This could be seeing things, hearing things, smelling things or dreams.  At first the child will only meet their guide and loved ones but even this can be off putting. The child simple has to say out loud or in their head that they do not like the contact being made and it needs to stop.  Their guide will then stop it. There is not need to ask again.

One tool you can use if the child is still uncomfortable is white light. (It is not a magic light but an intention of energy which helps the child)  All you need to do is teach the child to image a warm white light coming down from the above and swirling all around them, from their heads to their feet and then back up again. Explain that this is like an invisible force field – it will clear anything around them and protect them from any contact.  I call this a bubble of light and it really is easy to teach a child to do – my daughter could do this at 5.  If they find it hard – then hold their hands and do it for them. You image the light coming down and swirling all around you both – you will feel you’re breathing relaxing as you do this.  And your child will feel the peace it brings.  My daughter can do this with other people – she is 7 years old… but will often put people in bubbles to protect them.

If your child is gifted please be careful of the TV and books they read – anything to do with horror should be avoided.  We have 2 sides of our brain as you know – but we also have a subconscious or a spiritual brain – it is this which is needed to be nurtured in order to keep the link pure.  If you expose your child to negative words or imagines these leave an imprint and as they get older they will have a harder time switching these off in order to get a clearer link.  The way we contact spirit as we get older is to switch off the logical human brain and link in via the subconscious but if we doubt then we switch back to our logical brain and things we have been subjected to i.e. horror films click in and the imagination runs wild.  Also go careful with paranormal TV like the investigation – these are TV shows and not how the real investigators work. 99% of the spirits you encounter are nice souls whom visit places they loved or are souls whom are stuck and need help.  These tend to come in 2 kinds those whom were shocked or scared to go and got confused for many reasons and did not go to the light – these are easy to help over.  Then there are those whom did wrong and are basically stuck in their own hell as they refuse to go over. These are the ones whom are often seen as bad spirits and yes some will play with you.  But meeting these are rare but the reason why you should not do investigations unless with an experienced medium who can tell them to bugger off lol.  A child meeting one of these is extremely rare.  The first spirit contact will be a loved one, a guide or a person linked to their home.  Please rest assured they are simple saying a love you.


Tee x