Cheryl Bowen*** February Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month


February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. In honor of our girls, we hope to bring more awareness that this is tragically real.
Jessica Leanne Bowen, Born November 4, 1993 began our family. Jessica was always the child that spoke her mind, stood up for those that were picked on or bullied. As she grew, she became one of the most beautiful young women many people have ever had the privilege to know. Jessi was outgoing, smart, tenacious, and had a work ethic like no other. She was a CMT at North Village Park on the weekends, working double shifts, and absolutely loved her residents. During the week, Jessi went to Columbia Career Center full time, accomplishing her dream of being a nurse. She would of graduated in July of 2016. Jessi’s love of her life, Michael Green and her, both planned to marry and begin a family shortly after. Jessi dreamed of being a mother.
Kelsey Annette Bowen, Born March 29, 1999, completed our family. Kelsey was a Junior at Moberly High School, and was just beginning to blossom. Kels was always quiet, never cried even at birth. Kels was reserved, yet nurturing. Once Kels would get to know you and warm up to you, she was very funny, and just full of future potential. Kels loved animals and babies. At times I wasn’t sure who had baby fever more, Jess for herself, or Kels for Jess. Kelsey was excited to be an aunt soon. Kels loved photography, writing fantasy stories, reading, playing SIMS and just “hanging out” with her friends. Kelsey had not decided yet what she wanted to do when she grew up, photography, or English teacher.
In the early morning of November 21, 2015 our lives were forever changed. Both girls were taken from us in an unimaginable, incomprehensible manner. As a family, we lost our girls. The big sister and the little sister to our son Zachary Bowen. Daddy’s little girls, never to be walked down the isle. Mama’s best friends, never to pick out wedding dresses or watch them become a mother. Jessica’s fiancé, Michael Green, lost the love of his life, and all the plans the two had made together to build a life and a family, as well as a little sister. Friends lost a huge piece of their happiness, as the girls were known to be funny, loving, and always willing to lend a hand or just talk to comfort those around them. The world lost so much beauty and so much potential. I was always told my kids would change the world, and I am certain they still will.